6 Resolutions for 2010 That Are Realistic

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2010 ! I hope you all had a great time doing whatever it is that you were doing to bring in the new year.

I had a brilliant new years eve – hanging out with my cousin Nomi and a very dear friend HRH.  Yes he really likes to be called HRH =) Spent the evening at one of his friends’ terraces after being greeted by the hosts with spiked Rum Sugar Cane followed by Vodka Watermelons !

I got home at 6 a.m; rolled out of bed around noon; and have spent a really leisurely day.  My phone hasn’t stopped beeping with all the New Year messages and I’m quite proud of the fact that I have not sent out a common mass message to anyone by SMS.  I’ve sent out a few personal messages to certain friends – and have left the rest up to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

It’s 23:32 right now – had gone out for dinner with my mum, bro & sis – which was nice .. we were joking about and had a few laughs.  I don’t really believe in New Year Resolutions so haven’t made any either … but I was thinking … maybe I should …

(oh FYI I was trying to get this post up before midnight, but due to a glitch it’s gone up as of 2nd Jan *sigh* oh well at least I tried)

So to go with the flow – here’s what I’ve managed to come up with :

  1. Get a custom domain AND a design for my blog.  I really do like this haven for my sporadic reflections and I reckon it deserves it’s own name with it’s very own funky design.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  Hopefully will get this done before the 1st quarter of the year.
  2. Invest More.  About 2 years ago I started investing in the stock market  save moneyand mutual funds.  Last year I started investing in a Max Life Insurance policy.  I stopped the stocks when the market crashed – cashed out and used the money for a big birthday bash.  This year, I want to invest more in mutual funds and maybe even property.  It’s time to save !
  3. Travel More.  In 2008 – I managed to travel A LOT including 2 international trips.  In 2009 – I kept on traveling but only around India and some were repeat visits.  This year – I would like to travel to more non-commercial places around India AND somehow get at least 2 international trips in.
  4. Be more Positive and less Negative.  It’s not that I’m a negative person – I’m just very cynical most of the time.  And yes, I suppose NC is right when  she tells me that I need to stop complaining about me being in India. So NC – this one is for y
  5. Make my company more successful.  Of course any business owner wants their business to be successful.  It goes without saying that I want the same.  However – I don’t want it to be just ‘commercially’ successful – I want the company, the team, the service we provide to leave such an impact on my clients that the success we get is driven by them – the clients.  I can pimp my company all day every day – but when someone else does it – that’s when you know that your venture is a success.
  6. Finish the physiotherapy and get back to the gym.  I’ve been in and out of physio for a few months now – and with it being peak wedding season – I haven’t had time to rest my poor feet.  So in February once my events are done – it’s back to the physiotherapist – and finally back in my high heels to go out dancing in :) It’s been months since I have been to the gym since I can’t do any sort of cardio or even weights that will pressure my foot – so can’t wait to go back there and let my trainer know that I wasn’t purposely slacking off.

At least these are quite realistic and achievable.  I’ve got it penned down now and it’s going to be stamped into cyber space until the cyber system decides to crash. 

What about you ? Have you got any resolutions ? Do you believe in making resolutions ? Or am I just a fool for making one ?

He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool.

— F.M. Knowles


Jason Engraving said...

What are your resolutions for the new year 2009? Have you kept up with them so far?

Web Design Software said...

Well this year was the worst year of my life but 2010 is gonna be awesome. I join the Army next month and ill be jumping out of planes in May. New life, new friends, new home, new everything.

Dazediva said...

@Jason .. I didn't have any 2009 resolutions; only made resolutions for 2010 ... and why do I get the sneaky feeling that you are an auto robot who just drops comments .. I must be going crazy even writing this on here !

@WDS .. The army ! wow ! good luck with that. I used to know a few people in the navy but we lost touch over the years. Be careful, be safe, and a happy 2010 to you

Jason Engraving said...

Is the stabilization wedge game practical, or is it just a game?

Jason Engraving said...

I like the wedges concept because it breaks down the several different steps necessary to achieve sufficient GHG emissions reductions.

Jason Engraving said...

I am trying to write a thrilling, quirky love story. It also has magic in it and a lot of friendships and things like that.