Have You Got Your Kakizome ?

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kakizomeI received an interesting email today and it inspired me to put this post together.

Did you know that today is Kakizome ? Kakizome (書き初め) is a Japanese term which literally means "first writing" of the year.

In Japan, people celebrate this day by writing their favorite poem or proverb in calligraphy with the traditional oriental ink brushes.  These writings were then burned around 14th January at the Sagicho festival – and it’s believed that the higher the  burning paper flies – the better that persons’ handwriting becomes.

I don’t really have a favourite poem – nor can I think of any outstanding or mind blowing proverb .. and let’s face it – I definitely do not have any oriental ink brushes lying handy around my room ….I can barely remember any of the calligraphy I learned as a kid … so I’ve decided instead to pen down ‘my first writing’ for 2010 and share it with you all …

It’s a new day

In the new year

Say to yourself

Thou shall not fear

life’s obstacle course 

Awake with a smile

And go the extra mile

For it’s a new day

In the new year

Thou shall stand tall

Thou shall stand strong

For there is nothing

That you can do wrong

In the new year

I do hope that you find my first Kakizome inspiring .. and would love for you to share some of your favourite quotes or poems in the comments or on your own blog so that we can all look forward to a fabulous 2010.


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Very nice poem! I really like it....

Dazediva said...

@WDS .. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem :)

Jason Engraving said...

This poem is really very nice! i like it.......

Vodka Logic said...

Great poem,

I posted one today but didn't know it had a special name..thanks