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A friend of mine in the States was chatting to me on Skype and wanted an opinion on purchasing some tickets online.  She wasn’t quite sure whether or not she’d get a good deal or not and was too busy to go over and check out various theatres for ticket prices.

I’ve used quite a few online ticket agents to purchase theatre or comedy show tickets; musicals; concerts and even some combo dinner & theatre tickets.  Whilst living in London I would use either LastMinute.com or Ticketmaster.co.uk and since I’ve been in Bombay, I tend to use BookMyShow. 

She told me to go check out  A Cheap Seat and shortlist a few shows that I acheapseatthought would be good for her to go with her relatives who were visiting her.  I found myself on the site today and it’s actually quite good.  I’d never heard of it before she mentioned it – and was generally impressed with the way the site was laid out.  There’s always room for improvement but it’s simple and easy to use which is quite important.

One can search under the following categories Concert Tickets, Sports Tickets and Theatre Tickets.  Furthermore, depending what you are looking for – there’s a side bar with ‘Popular Categories’ that offer another range of tickets such as boxing, circus tickets, rodeo shows and even figure skating shows ! Now that’s pretty cool.  But what I liked most about the site was that when I checked the event calendar for a city search for New York – I got a total break up (by neighbourhoods / districts) and the total number of events in those respective areas.

Since her younger kid cousins as well as 2 nieces are also visiting her – I had shortlisted Sesame Street Live Tickets for her to take them too.  It’s one of the longest running children's’ musicals and will be playing over at Madison Square Garden ! But then I came across the Disney On Ice Tickets … I’ve always heard about what a spectacular show this was but never seen it myself .. Went on to Disney’s website and WOW ! I want to go for this show ! Wish it was coming to Mumbai !  There are 5 different types of Disney shows on ice – including Finding Nemo ! Check out the video on Youtube.

Whilst on there – I was checking out anything else that might be appealing .. and I found Kentucky Derby Tickets ! My uncle is an avid horse racing fan and he’s making a trip to the US in May – this would be a perfect way to finish off his holiday !

Looks like by the time I make my way to the US for a much deserved holiday – I had better keep aside enough cash to check out all the theatre shows and sports (basketball & football games) that I want to check out !

If you are in the US and have used ACheapSeat.com– do share your experience with the site and if you can suggest some definite MUST SEE shows in the New York and Boston area – do let me know !


Jason Engraving said...

This post is also good! i am so impressed! Thanks to share your posts with us........

Wilmaryad said...

Happy New Year, Diva! May it be one of love, good health, success and peace! :)

Thank you for always gracing my blog with your visits and generous comments. :)

Bombchell said...

how cool!!! checking out their site now!

Dazediva said...

@Jason .. thank you

@Mister GAG .. Happy 2010 darling ! I wish you lots of love, great sex and mind blowing orgasms :) I thought the usual stuff is been said way too much hehehhe I lurve your blog just the way I lurve you :)

@Bombchell .. glad you could find the site useful; I feel sad that I can't use it for anything out here

Wilmaryad said...

Oooh, Diva! I'll take lots of love and orgasms, but I'll pass the sex. ;) Thank you for the sweeter-than-sweet support and encouragement!

Happy New Year :D