Public or Private – Does It Affect Your Writing ?

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Morning all … I came across a really cool blog earlier today called ‘The Way I See It’ .. and I could completely relate to it … It’s one to add to the reading list if you don’t already know about it …

My blog title is taken from this blog and a post that really interested me … I consider myself to be a personal and sporadic blogger … I’m not here to make money or change the lives of others with my views – but am here just to get all those extra thoughts running around my head out of my system and leaving a tiny mark out there in the blogosphere.

Blogging is an outlet for me to express myself and my views to an audience that may or may not judge me; to an audience that may actually enjoy what I have to say or to provide a gateway of free thoughts for those who just need to ‘get away’ !

I’ve never been one to keep a diary – and I don’t think I use my blog as a diary per say. I had heard about blogging a few years ago and went on to make my account live in 2007 but didn’t get around to actually writing in it till the June / July of 2008.

I knew when I started my blog – I had wanted to cover certain areas 1) my random thoughts 2) music that I was really interested in and 3) a place to capture the poetry that I had written or read over the years. The smart ass that I am – I set up – not one – but THREE different blogs – and very soon realised that it was not possible for me to maintain those – so I figured out how to import / export all the content to this main blog out here.

So now, as you know this blog more or less delves into various topics – from things that interest me, things and attitudes that bother me, some music, some poetry, and just general rambling of sorts. I like to believe that my neighbours and readers will have an opinion on what I write about, and the posts that go Without comments have been visited by lurkers.

I reckon that in my 27 years, I’ve had a pretty exciting and adventurous life – and should I be able to capture it ALL down – then it would make for a fabulous book =) I am an avid reader – so have a variety of blogs on my reading my list that range from personal, spiritual, all the way to business blogs. I find that I am able to relate in some way to the blogs that deal with personal life experiences.

So … we get back to the original question that Robin had posted. Is what you write about affected by who knows about your blog?

My honest answer to him was …. I've been blogging for almost a year now - and funnily enough - only a 'handful' of close friends know about my blog - and ironically - my two best friends don't even read my blog - its a bunch of other friends who do - who I feel could relate with it and hence I told them about the blog. Mine is not a 'personal-personal' blog - I do write whatever I am thinking about .. sometimes it can be personal (I think) and other times - its a subject that I have a strong view about ... And you're right - there are some family members or friends that I rather NOT have read my blog in case they get all uptight about it ... saying that, there are some topics I do not write about Just In Case someone else I know will get on to read about it ... Although to be on the safe side, I don't use any real names - I stick to initials or nicknames for people, nor have I disclosed my own real name or photograph ...

I prefer it this way … I did for a while upload my blog posts to my Facebook account – and quite a few people used to comment on certain topics but somehow I didn’t like the idea that ‘my friends’ knew about my blog … Weird right ?? Unlike Robin, I’m not a very private person – in fact I’m quite an outgoing person who really doesn’t care much what others think about what I have to say or do (not in a bad rash manner but in a ‘your opinion doesn’t bother me manner') … Ok that still didn’t come out right but you get my point ??

I like the idea that ever since I started blogging – I have found a whole new community of people who are of the same mindset as me – people who may or not have shared the experiences that I have – but they are open minded individuals who are able to pop into someone else’s life and give an unbiased opinion. This community is completely non-judgemental and that’s what I love about my fellow blogger neighbours. They take what you have to say at face value and don’t question the ‘who, what, if, why,’ etc

In real life – some people are too caught up in the notion that everything should be done in XY manner and if it doesn’t follow protocol then it is not acceptable. People are bogged down with societal views and haven’t had the time to form their own personal views.

How “private” is your blog? Do your family and friends know that you write online? Do you care?


BrownPhantom said...

Very true reflections :).
To answer the titel of your post, I would be inclined towards an "Yes".
In fact, I initially intended to stay anon and hence the Phantom word in the blog name .
My friends know it, but I wouldn;t want my family to know about the blog :).

Sumit said...

Hmmm.... thought-provoking indeed. I think I can understand much of the feelings expressed by you, Divya.

a) Friends and everyone else is welcome to read the blog, but family, no please! The blog contains some deep, dark secrets that I wouldn't want them to know about. :)

b) Some of my closest friends also don't read my blog because they feel they don't need to read about me on an online forum.

Anonymous said...

Answer to your last question is only member in my family knows is my sister but I don't think she reads it regularly and as far as my friends are concerned some know about it but don't read doesn't matter to me anyway ...and my blog started out as a "personal" one but now I do write whatever I feel maybe my personal observations or anything doesn't matter anymore who reads my blog... as I am Happy with a very small set of regular readers whom I have not "seen" but still "know" and I like to interact with them through blogosphere but actually we are mine is a 'personal' blog viewed by 'public' in general .... how about that ?

N.C said...

BLOG ON!!!:)

Poseidon Monacular said...

First off, congrats on reaching the century mark. :) I'm pretty close myself, but I doubt I'll make it before making the "big" switch.

I'm pretty isolated from my family, so I don't think I've told any of them about the blog. Most of my friends know about it, but none of them read it. It wouldn't make a difference in what I write either way.

I'm not outgoing like you are, but I do speak what's on my mind, and I really don't care what others think. That is to say, I don't cater my words to be more pleasing to a certain group. My blog really isn't as personal as yours is, but some of the topics I bring up would cause many to roll their eyes. But that will never stop me from doing it. I actually pity closed minded people. How boring their lives must be.

Chicky said...

Hmmmm. Funnily, not many of my old school friends follow my blog either! Not even my best friend from school! Although they have been invited to read it, and yes, I also share my blog feed on Facebook.

I guess it doesn't make too much of a difference either way. People who can relate to what i write are welcome to read it. Otherwise they are free not to read it!

And I totally agree with the 2nd last para - we sure seem to have found a very nice community of non-judgmental, open-minded blog readers! :D

Dazediva said...

@ BrownPhantom ... I think most families have enough to deal with, and having the added pressure of actually knowing inner most thoughts of your near ones might prove to be too much !

@ Sumit ... you're not supposed to say my name out loud ! LOL makes sense that closest friends don't read your blog, it would be repetition for them to hear and 'read' about whats on your mind

@ Dmanji ... I actually had found a perfect image to state 'Personal Public Blog' but I never used it ... My brother knows about it - and may have read mine but hasn't mentioned it. A few friends know about it - and they randomly read up on it :) I got a surprise from a mate from Dubai who I talk to maybe 3-4 times a year and he was totally updated on my life :)

@ NC .. Say more woman !

@ Deft Digits ... So you think my blog is pretty personal ? I never thought that hehe I mean I know its personal but not 'personal-personal' .. hmm maybe I'll tweak some more cool stuff in here .. And narrow mindedness in a person is something I can't really digest .. doesn't make sense to me

@ Kaddu ... I'm so glad you are a part of our neighbourhood :)

donny said...

a very interesting post....infact i myself was pondering about the driving factors for a blogger.....i guess its got more to do with a platform for the inner voice....and yeah...i think that the content of a lot of posts doesnot usually feature in the conversations we have with family/friends......i attempt to write short stories and infact managed a few...but i still am learning to the write without too much thought behind every word i type !

P.S - either its my prejudice towards black or it is really looking cool....ur new facelift :)

donny said...

P.P.S - your blog is forcefully making me desert my new facelift - It doesnot accept my comments !

crazynigerian said...

hmmm...i think i'd say it doesn't. My facebook friends already know my blog so i've written stuff that i don't mind ANYONE reading. You only live once, but your blog lives forever!!!!

...nice bloglift D! :)