Loss of a Legend

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I felt my heart sink into an oblivion.  My brain felt numb.  The tear ducts were definitely working.

The words aren’t sinking in.  I can read what the world has to say – but it is surreal.

I can’t even write his name without getting goose bumps all over. 

The greatest legend .. the King of Pop … The original bad man who thrilled us with his signature moonwalk … Michael Jackson … is no more …

It was around 3 a.m India time that I noticed live updates from my friends in the US referring to Michaels heart attack.  At 3:45 I got a call from a friend KS who told me that the Legend had passed.  I felt the breath being sucked out of me – a hard punch in the stomach.

No.  It’s not possible.  It’s just too surreal.  This is Michael Jackson we are talking about !!! A global iconic figure.  He has captured the hearts and souls of millions.  His music – an inspiration to all – creating aspiration amongst upcoming singers and new talent.

The 80’s and 90’s are incomplete without Michael.  From the youngest child to our grand parents – we have all at some point – been privy to Michael – his music and his roller coaster ride with the media.  

Michael_jackson_bad_cd_cover_1987_cddaI used to have a 6 foot tall poster – in his ‘Bad’ attire – put up on my cupboard back in Dubai – that faced my balcony.  There was a time when one of my fathers’ friends thought there was man in my room in the dead of the night.  There was – and it was the man himself – Michael – who watched me fall asleep to his albums – not on CD but on ‘cassettes’

Those are cassettes I could never let go off …. I have Thriller and Bad on cassettes !! Those are classics.   I remember queuing up outside HMV when Dangerous and Blood on the Dance Floor came out and feeling the exhilaration of all those around me … both times round !!

Every radio station, every party, every body I knew played Michael’s music – and it resulted in foot tapping beats without fail.   Which of you has not tried the famous Moonwalk ?? All of us have at one point or the other. 

I feel like as if a part of me has died along with the music industry.  Michael’s loss will be felt by all – especially by his family, friends and his fans.  Whether you are a fan or not – I doubt that a single person could deny his impact on the last three generations.  It is a very sad day for the music fraternity. 

As Michael leaves us behind – his music and influences will remain with us forever.  It’s just hard to imagine that the new generation – my future children – will never get to see him live in concert. 

You rocked my world, you know you did


Kokonad said...

The sheer electricity of MJ's music could not be recreated by anyone else ever. Almost everyone growing up in the 90s has been introduced into the foray of western music with his name. Despite all the controversies surrounding him, people who love his music, including me, are genuinely numbed by the fact that he is dead.
Nice post - I love the way you have portrayed your feelings - your shock oozes out of every word.

Tangerine said...

MJ is a legend and the loss is tremendous.


Anonymous said...

Truly I first came to Know of it from the twitter updates and couldn't believe it... having grown up in the MJ era one could not just not feel his 'aura' though I was never a big fan of his but as you said he did have an impact on your music sense.
Yours a heartfelt obituary of true MJ fan...
May his soul RIP

Trulyana said...

He is someone, that has been given the chance to play his part and he will always be here in memory, through people's hearts.