And There Was A Dream About A Crow

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Imagine having a lazy early evening nap (it's rare for me), feeling the breeze brush against your skin, and then there's a crow / raven flying right at you to take rest at your feet ! OMG - I found myself jumping out of bed and on the floor.  My windows were open and I really 'felt' that bird at my feet ! 

Naturally, I do what any sane person would do - Google'd dream dictionaries for the interpretation of seeing a crow in my dream.  The results were actually interesting and insightful; and given that I could relate to it all - means I'm pretty happy about it all. (albeit a little shaken at the thought of a crow landing at my feet WHILST I'm asleep !!) 

My take on it is that seeing a crow in ones' dream is generally rare and when you do see one it is a good omen and an omen of intelligence / wisdom as well. 
  1. It implies that your subconscious wants you to try harder and educate yourself.  Would you believe - I recently completed a Diploma in Social Media Marketing and am due to start an Advance Digital Marketing course next week.   I haven't 'studied' (in the traditional sense of signing up for courses) in almost a decade and after doing the first course, I was ready to sign up for the next.  I've always enjoyed 'learning' and I guess this means I'm on the right track in terms of improving my own mind. 
  2. It is associated with a major life decision such as buying a home, investing or entering into a relationship.  This summer I decided, I wanted to own a property. Somewhere to call my own space.  A base if you would like to call it.   I've been talking to my friends about it and have raised the topic with my Mum as well.  Fingers crossed I will become a home owner. 
  3. It means it's time to take risks, to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life.  For me this means that anything I choose to do with the above two points will be successful and materialize positively for me.  Maybe this is just the sign I needed to know that I'm on the right track. I'm building on my dreams
Of course there were a whole bunch of other interpretations which were on the depressing to almost morbid but I didn't really get that vibe from my dream. Do you remember your dreams ?  I remember almost all my dreams quite vividly.  It's kind of a scary at times especially when I end up with a sense of deja-vu over a situation similar to a past dream.  

Do you consider dreams to be symbolic ? I'm sure you have all had a grandma or relative interpret a dream on your behalf at some stage in your life.  In case you are curious, are you aware of these 12 Facts About Dreams & Dreaming

What was the last dream that you had ? It's only fair that you share your dream given that I've shared mine with you.