My Sad Summer Story

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guest postI met a girl, a nice girl. There isn’t anything wrong with her, as such. However, I have an issue.

A few friends and I visited a regular spot of ours a just under a month ago. We’re all single apart from my brother who has now apparently found the love of his life etc. but he came with us anyway. Despite the consistent single status of the group none of us really chase women. In fact, we don’t get them. Not in terms of psyche and all that, but in terms of physically getting them. Actively ‘getting’ one. We don’t. You could say we get no chicks. It is a choice, not a restriction.

Right so we’re at this club, it is a favourite of ours. The music is always right and it always has a pretty nice atmosphere. None of us have ever taken a number in here though. We generally don’t go after numbers, but for whatever reason we NEVER have in this place. We’ve been inside for like an hour and I see this girl with her friends. She’s pretty and from what I can see has a pretty good figure too. I say that, but I don’t want you to get carried away thinking that I am REALLY attracted to her or anything. She’s hot, but not out of the ordinary. You get what I mean right? She did have something about her though, I could tell for some reason that she wasn’t British. This served as motivation. For the sake of clarity I will at times refer to this one as Chick A.

Getting Chicks

I get up from our table and go over to her and her friends. As I stated earlier I never really go after women, especially in bars or clubs so I didn’t really have anything in mind when I walked over. I look at her friends, smile and say, “excuse me” as I approach her. I say hello, she says hi or something like that. I can’t actually hear her, which of course pisses me off. Whatever motivated me to get up and approach the out of town-er has now faded. I realise I can’t actually be bothered so I just say, “I can’t really hear you, so I’m going to be quick and ask you two questions. Firstly are you having a good night?”

I asked the first question because she didn’t actually look like she was having a good night. The fact that she looked that way kind of annoyed me if I’m honest. I always feel that if people are not having a good time when they are in a bar/club they should just go home. I offered to pay a girl’s cab fare last week because she had a sour face. She said no though.

So my girl says “yes” and smiles at me. I’m thinking, ok that’s a lie but whatever, it is loud and this is just long – let me hurry up and ask my next question. I smile back, lean in again and say “ok second question, yes or no?”

Chick looks confused. I don’t understand why and as such I am growing more impatient. This isn’t a hard fucking question. “Yes or no, are we or aren’t we. If you want to continue this conversation in an environment more conducive to conversation say yes, if not no.” I think I may have come across a little angry and a little more verbose than advised in a club. Good. She says “yes” and gives me the same smile, but this time with what I could swear looked to be a tad of awe in her eyes.

What happened next did nothing to quell my anger. I remember asking for her number or something and then her telling me that she didn’t know it because she has a new phone and her phone is in her bag in the coatroom blah and that she was going to come and find me before she left when she had her stuff and we could talk some more. I just said, “Ok, cool”. I smiled, nodded at her friends and walked back to the table. I carried on my night, had fun and my anger ebbed away. Somewhere in all of this I forgot about the girl from earlier.

When the club was winding down I started talking with this other girl I have a weird sort of thing with. She wants me. She is too up her own arse to go about this like a normal woman though. I think she is hot and very interesting, but I need to humble her first. I actually have a bit of a thing for her. As such, we have this on going a battle of sorts. She also has a boyfriend. He’s irrelevant though. I am going to call her Chick B. So yeah, mid conversation with Chick B the foreigner Chick A came and stood in front of us. Couldn’t have been more perfect. She looked up at me and was like, “let’s talk after you’ve finished.”

Now if it were not for this unresolved conflict I have with Chick B I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at Chick A when she came around. However Chick B was acting up so I decided to be childish and utilise Chick A. I kissed Chick B on the cheek and walked off with A. I took her number.

I really shouldn’t have. Well that wasn’t the problem; the problem is she took mine. I don’t think I was going to call her. I had no intention to, not after she pissed me off with her earlier anyway. Yeah, so she called me a couple days after. I shouldn’t have answered or just killed it, but I played along. We hung out, then again and again etc.

This is not good. I thought she was a tourist. She isn’t. She’s here to stay. She got a promotion with one of these stupid investment banks and is now based in London. I can’t seem to get rid of her. This explains the eyes, the smile and her eagerness to come find me. When I thought her saying she was coming to speak to me after was just a tactic to get rid of me, it was really her preparing to hunt me down. I wasn’t prepared for this. What I thought may have just been a summer fling thing, is turning into something much more sinister. Like I said the reason I spoke to her is because I knew she was new to town. I assumed tourist. A part of me went after her for the wrong reason in the first place. Tourist means casual ‘squeeze’. I don’t do the casual squeeze. I don’t know why the fuck I decided to try and change that.

I made a few mistakes. Firstly I shouldn’t have talked to the girl. Secondly I shouldn’t have use the poor girl to play a game with another girl. Which, by the way I am winning. Thirdly I should have never EVER let her have my number. Honestly, I don’t know why I let that happen.

This story has a few lessons in it. Primarily don’t try and be clever because shit will haunt you; like this chick. She is literally haunting me. Thank God she doesn’t know where I live. She wants something that I was never prepared to give to her. Knowing this I should not have initiated things with her. I know me. I should have been responsible. I wasn’t though. I haven’t been responsible, because I am letting this continue for God knows what reason. I am a traditionalist; this is why I tend not to get women. I like to keep these things simple and linear. When I find one I like to try and keep them. I was never going to keep this one though. I knew that.

I had no point in writing this other that getting it off my chest and identifying my mistakes. I need to take action and get rid of Chick A, focus on Chick B and stop being a kid about it.

Often in life we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. This girl has done nothing wrong; there is nothing wrong with her. From her actions I have no reason to drop her out. I’m the problem; my intentions from the outset were not ok. Like I said, nice girl, nothing really wrong with her. There are several things wrong with me though. That’s what’s been bothering me.

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