Diva's Been A Bad Blogger

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This Diva has been a bad bad blogger.  I haven’t blogged properly since I hit my 600th Century; and I feel like the A to Z Challenge in April just drained me out of any creativity for new blog posts. 

I haven’t really blogged about all the amazing things I’ve been up to, which makes me sad for so many reasons. My head hangs in shame as I realize how much time has passed and how many awesome things have happened since the last time I’ve updated.

My absence hasn’t been for naught, though. I’ve been on this absolutely epic vacation which currently stands at Day 51.  That’s right, 51 days of vacation ! Okay fine I’ve been working as well but it’s been more of a holiday for me.  I’ve been to New York, Bermuda, Montreal and now I’m in London.  The last few weeks have been all about catching up with my friends (and some family) and just finding ‘myself’ all over again.  There hasn’t been a day where there are at least two or three things happening, and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon!

Whilst I have missed blogging, these past few weeks have taken me on an emotional rollercoaster journey; literally dug up every memory and thrown it in front of me and it’s made me think … think very long and hard about the things I have done, experienced, the people I have encountered, the place they hold in my mind and heart and the majority of it all has been absolutely beautiful.  A few bittersweet memories are now just that – because the reality a decade later is that the mind tends to hold onto some more than others.

More on all that later.  I’m back now and it feels good to put my writing hat on and dive back into my blogging world.  Thanks for sticking around and not giving up on me.