What’s In Your Hand Bag ?

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I’m not a fan of BIG bags – I like them – they’re cool – but everything gets LOST in them ! And today I came across a link ‘Top Ten Things to Have in Your Purse’ so I thought about writing down what I normally have in my hand bag.

I tend to carry medium sized bags – and every now and then – the smaller clutches (particularly at Indian weddings).

The Diva’s 6 Must Have Hand Bag Items:


olympus tough 3000it’s small and compact but it still uses space ! and whenever I see something that catches my fancy – I can capture it for reference later.

Business Cards

businesscardgotta have them and spread word about your brand and business; with my social life – I’m constantly handing these out !

Mobile Phone


as if I could leave home without my phone !

Lip Gloss

lip gloss

I prefer wearing lip gloss to lipstick – so always have a clear /sheer gloss with me

Debit & Credit Cards & Cash

credit cash

depending on the size of the bag, I can throw in a wallet – but if it’s one of the smaller bags, then I just throw in my cards and some cash.

House Keys


the last thing I want to do is ring my door bell at 5 a.m and wait for someone to open the door !! It sucks to be locked out !

So basically – even my smallest hand bag – has to fit the above 6 items.  Depending on the bag size and my plans for the day – my hand bag can also contain

  1. Perfume … if I’m out for the full day, the perfume comes along
  2. Deodorant … I’ll admit I even leave one in my car for days I’m stuck outdoors ! 
  3. Small Notepad & Pen .. always comes in handy but this is rare since NC tends to carry the notepad
  4. Lighter … I have a habit of keeping lighters handy from my London days when I used to use them for my nightclub service promotions
  5. Chewing Gum … leaves your mouth with a fresh taste
  6. Wet Wipes / Tissue … always useful
  7. Hand Sanitizer … especially if I’m going to work sites
  8. Camera charger … yes I am guilty of actually carrying my camera charger with me; and yes, I take a LOT of photos !
  9. Phone charger … don’t always have this, but when I need it the most, it’s never around ! so now I have a car charger too
  10. Eye drops & Meds … I wear contact lenses and with the city being so dusty, I do need to splash in a few drops.  I also keep some migraine tablets handy in case I get one when I least expect it.

I’m pretty sure I can throw in more things in my hand bag but this is already a huge list !! No wonder I don’t like big bags ! I’d never be able to find all these things ! (having said that – I reckon I’m the only one who can actually find anything in my bag)

According to an article I read, the reason women carry so many things with them is because they are natural caretakers and always try to anticipate what they might need.  Which I suppose is quite true in its own way.

So what’s in your hand bag ladies ? Do you prefer a small / medium / large size bag to carry around with you ? What are your essentials ?  If you have your bag right now, empty it out and list all the items in your bag :P 

For all the guys out there (unless you have a man-bag / man-purse / briefcase / back pack– which you must share details of), what are you most likely to find in your girls’ hand bag ? Or do you just not venture there :P

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