Soaring Crash

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When writing today’s poem I had a few thoughts and scenario’s cross my head, but I wanted to get readers input on what they envision when reading this poem.

soaring crash

Soaring Crash

Riots ticking
a destiny kiss
limitation of trust
ticket to challenge
superstitious outcomes
soaring too far
like a wild aviatrix
eventually come crashing
down to the ground

-Poem by Justin Germino

Soaring Crash was inspired by the 10 words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter followers and originally published on 11th August ‘11


dragonbloggerJustin Germino is the author behind ‘Dragon Blogger’ and'Wanderer Thoughts’ amongst a few other blogs. He has created over 260+ ‘twitter poems’ via random submissions on twitter. He believes you only have one life and you have to live it.  Follow him on Twitter @dragonblogger