Schiller feat colbie Caillat - YOU

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My friend AM posted this link on FB today and I have heard the track at least 5 times already.

‘You’ is the latest single released by Schiller - the main project of Christopher von Deylen. I’ve already written about another track in which Schiller was a part of – Dream Of You – another MUST HEAR track :)

schiller feat colbie I don’t know the artist Colbie, but her voice is quite mesmerizing.  After a little bit of Googling, I found out that she is basically an American pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from Malibu, Calfornia. 

I heard the song and had instant chills with goose bumps all over ! The vocals just flow over you … completely taking over your senses.  The background sounds play upon your emotions.  The echoes are hauntingly beautiful throughout the track.  You can hear the layers of trance with vocal poetry which makes it atmospheric – creating an almost enigmatic feel and draws you in immediately.

The lyrics are deep and meaningful … I know I can relate to it at some level – more than I care to admit … The words caused a flashback of memories that came flooding over me ! I didn’t need them but for a song to evoke such emotions .. that’s some pretty good stuff out there !

In essence this is a love song but not in its most traditional sense.  I get the happy – uplifting sort of feel when I hear this tune, and as much as it takes me to another place – to another lifetime almost – it keeps me rooted where I am. Does that even make sense to you ??

The video clip for ‘You’ was released in Germany on October 31st 2008.  I found the original video on You Tube but couldn’t post it on here as the embedding format was disabled – so do check it out.  I really like how the video starts with the crashing of waves under the pier.

Turn down the silence
Inside my head
Bring back the colours
Of you instead
Further from where I started
Further to go
Keeping my heart under control

Why do I still feel you ? feel you
And all you've got is to feel you, feel you
All I need is you
All I need is to feel you

Why did you change your mind and run away?
Thoughts of you by my side
Starting to fade
I know that you should be by
So I won't let go
Everyday I’m trying to get close

Why do I still feel you feel you
And all you've got is to feel you, feel you
All I need is you
All I need is to feel you

Stop running all the time
Don’t fight the feeling inside
Cause when you try it hard
Don’t matter where you go it’s deep in your soul (x3)

All i need is to feel you , feel you...