Thought for Tuesday : Weekend Traffic on a Weekday

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As I was driving around the city tonight – it hit me … it’s not a weekend, it’s a weekday – a Tuesday in fact .. so why on earth did it feel like the entire city was out partying and creating havoc on the streets ?

crazy trafficMy girl, AM and I were discussing this … maybe it’s because we were out at a party where there were a good 150+ pax out to network; but surely they all couldn’t have left the party at the same time ?

I actually felt like I was driving on a Saturday night !! Some people have no sense of lane driving (and that would be asking for a lot out here !); and others should just be banned from driving altogether ! It’s ridiculous !

Whilst I generally don’t have too many issues with the insane traffic levels in the city (erm ok I’m being politically correct here) – it would be great if the weekend driving styles were left for the weekend (at least I can call a driver) !! I don’t need to stress on the road during the week as well !!

Have you noticed the insane number of people on the roads recently (or is this just a Bombay thing?)? Obviously the hike in petrol prices hasn’t stopped them from heading out for a spin !