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Unworthy is a poem about dungeon pillaging pure and simple, words related to volcano, search, succumb, games hark back to role playing games for me. 



Veteran of the volcano fires
submerge into depths of demons

In search of quartation stores
games to some known as foolhardy

Where life and death are the stakes
those who succumb to lavish hoards

Elation being their final mistake
dungeons do not reward the unworthy

-Poem by Justin Germino


This poem was created using the 9 random submissions (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players and was originally published on 1st August 2011:


  1. Quartation : So called because usually enough silver is added to make the amount of gold in the alloyed button about one fourth.  (In this poem used as a metaphor for metal stores, perhaps electrum or another metal treasure hoard).


dragonblogger_thumb[2]Justin Germino is the author behind ‘Dragon Blogger’ and'Wanderer Thoughts’ amongst a few other blogs. He has created over 260+ ‘twitter poems’ via random submissions on twitter. He believes you only have one life and you have to live it. Follow him on Twitter @dragonblogger