Sperm 101

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Less than 1% of sperm is capable of fertilizing an egg. The rest is warrior sperm, there to block any rival’s sperm.

-Robin Baker. Sperm Wars: The Science of Sex. Fourth Estate. 1996.

I found myself on ‘MetAnotherFrog’ the other day and came across a guest post by Charlie titled ‘Full Frontal Nerdity - Vol 1 … that’s right Nerdity and not Nudity !!! I had to check it twice as well.

So anyway, we all know what happens when a man ejaculates right ? He lets out his baby-making sperm.  BUT did you know that all men produce THREE types of sperm that each have a different role upon ejaculation ??? Yeah I’m blown away too – not one type – three types of sperm – who would have thought ?!!

Type 1 :  Blockers

Charlie refers to them as the sperm with funny shaped heads or squiffy tails who are a bit lame and that will never make it to the egg.  They will get as far as the cervix and then form a barrier by blocking the channels. This prevents another man’s sperm from a clear run into the womb.  And for those rival sperms that do manage to pass the blockers – they got to watch out for the Killers !

Type 2 :  Killers or Warriors

killer spermCharlie refers to them as the school yard bullies.  These sperm are the soldiers of the spermiverse and patrol the border of the uterus looking for rivals (i.e. sperm from another man that are identified by the different proteins on the head)

Now think of a bunch of a piranhas ripping and tearing apart their next meal – yup that’s what the killer sperm does when they find a rivals’ sperm left behind. 

Type 3 : The Quarterback or The Scorer

Finally, the most respected of all sperms – the ones that the Blockers and Killers are providing defense line for – the Scorer sperm or quarterback as Charlie calls them.  These are the goal getters who are on a sole mission – race to the finish line to score and fertilize thus making them a part of the 1% of successful sperms in spermiverse !!

Bet you didn’t know any of that huh ? I wonder what Biology class would have been like had we discussed the types of sperm a man can have !!

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stephen miranda said...

lolz .....well i have been wasting mine then ....LOLZ :-)

Dazediva said...

@ Stephen .. at least yours aren't being killed off in an attempt to impregnate someone :P

Unknown said...

"Sporadic Reflections" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.