29 Years Later …

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I’m not quite sure how I want to put my thoughts down on this … I’ve come up with 2 or 3 different titles and none really seem appropriate … I actually tried writing this very post same time last year – and never published it ..

My 28th birthday last year was possibly one of the best parties my friends and social circle have attended in a while (although it was nothing compared to some of the hot shots with money coming out of their ass but I reckon it was bloody brilliant).  A BBQ Pool Party that started at Noon and went on till 5 a.m the following day.  That’s 17 hours of straight partying =) AND I didn’t run out of alcohol despite a turn-out of about 150 guests.

I spent the better half of November ‘10 & December ‘10 (in between trying to catch a breath from the events I was already working on) trying to figure out ‘what’ I wanted to do for my 29th b’day.  As an events planner – it shouldn’t be such a big deal right ? Errmmm not quite …

I’ve always loved my birthday.  Some people dread the thought of getting older; and I belong to the group who go out of their way to celebrate.  And believe me I like to celebrate in style.  I have always tended to celebrate for a minimum of 2 days every birthday unless it falls on a weekend and then it’s 3 full days of just ME ME and ME !  This year was no different when I finally figured out what it was that I wanted to do. P1220229

On the 21st of Jan – I invited all my mates to the new club that my company is managing.  Not only did one of my guy mates get up on the bar and do a semi  strip for all the guests; I was pulled up on the bar as well (and trust me – my dress was not of appropriate length to be doing this !).  NC arranged for a divine chocolate cake … can you spot what she had to do it ?

I got home at 4:30 a.m – crashed by 5 a.m and was awake by 7:30 a.m (and albeit overly excited) that by 11 a.m, my close mates and I would be off on an adventure on the party bus !! That’s right – 13 of us were packed in a bright red bus (with a killer boom box) and were on the road for a good 3 hours before reaching our final destination … a fabulously secluded equestrian centre where we indulged in some horse riding; an evening BBQ,  lots of drinking and even more dancing =)

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If I compared last year and this years’ birthday parties – both were fun – the difference was that this year – I didn’t go all out … I mean I did but I didn’t .. and what made my birthday special was that I got to spend it with the people that mattered most and the people who cared enough to be there the entire weekend with me.

So here’s a big shout out to NC, NB, AM, HRH, AS, D&S, SM, KG, AS (aka ‘Anshuman’ hahah), SC, AZ, SV, SP & bro  for making my birthday weekend soooo memorable !!


Bill said...

Happy Happy Birthday my friend. I did not even know it was your BDay. I hope you had a great one and that you are blessed with many more to come.

Bombchell said...

Happy Birthday Chica. wow 2-3 day event, Ive never done one of those. Maybe one day I'll do something extravagant, or a few friends getaway. Happy Bday & wishing you many more

Anonymous said...

Now that really was a brilliant way to spend ur Bday!! Hope the next 365 days are just as awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rockstar!!

Dazediva said...

@ Bill .. thanks so much :) my bday was actually on 23rd Jan and have been super busy since then with 2 weddings lol

@ Bombchell .. thanks gorgeous :) its such fun celebrating for a whole weekend; I'd be more than happy to send suggestions your way whenever you're ready hehehe hope you're keeping well x

@ Ve .. merci beaucoup :) it was super fun !

@ Prutha .. I can't believe that you couldn't make it :( so close and yet so far :P