Dazed Poet : On Edge

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I came across another old piece of poetry which I had posted up when I first started this blog back in the summer of 2008 … I must have written this way back somewhere between 2000 – 2002 …


On Edge

I stand restless,
waiting ...
for something
for someone ...
for an unknown
entity or object

I know not
why I feel so
eventually I will
find out ...

I will stay
this way,
frantic and
anxious ...
and see what,
it is that awaits me.

© DazeDiva

I’d like to know how you feel when you read this ? Have you experienced something similar ? Are you able to relate to this ?

The past 10 days have been a bit manic for me.  A lot of things have happened.  My company just finished planning 2 Indian weddings over a span of 5 days in addition to 3 private parties over the weekend.  One of my clients got very aggressive towards my partner NC which left a foul taste for us all at the events.  Still waiting on payments from the client !!  I also came across someone from my past; which left me uneasy.  I’m normally a very composed person, but this encounter just caused a constant anxiety, right at the pit of my stomach.  I didn’t think it would – but it did – and that’s what unnerved me.  Perhaps that’s why I picked this P9120324piece of writing to share with you all. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are just left standing at a cliff-side ? Your options being :

  1. to take a leap and hope that all will come into place ….
  2. just take the bull by the horns and hope that the scars of the aftermath won’t be too bad ?

At this point, my client is away in Goa and I’m waiting for them to come back to sort out balance payments.  My past has gone back to my home city of London.  These 10 days have been a blur to me, and it’s just left me a bit restless; on edge in fact.  And now my body has given way and I’m down with a cough, cold and congested chest =(

Whether you like it, love it, hate it or think it’s not real poetry – I’d really like to know .. so don’t be shy with your comments !


Anonymous said...

its funny (in a nice way) that you chose to put this poem up as i am going through something similar...the anxiety bit.
not sure what is causing it, not sure when it will end. but i am not sure what my course of action will be at this moment. an overload of sorts. i cant even write in complete sentences! :P we shall see what happens, eh! :)
tons of love to you and NC. hope the experience with the (bad?) client didn't do much damage. as for the past, in my experience leaving it in the past is always the best option ;) get some rest babe & feel better real soon! :)

Dazediva said...

@ Prutha .. great minds always connect don't they ? :P Well I hope the anxiety sorts itself out for you .. nature takes its due course .. just a bit of a pain waiting for the course to find its end !

Only once the client is back will I know how much damage there is, am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well ..

Trying to rest but still so restless !! mucho luv to ya ! xx