Picking Up A Roadside Romeo

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Now WHY would you want to pick up anyone off the road ?   For fun … that’s why I did it :P  My girlfriends have always teased me for noticing men on the road – it’s not my fault that I’m attentive … I’ve been slightly deprived of eye-candy so it’s always nice to take a few seconds to check out what is out there on the streets :P

One fine evening during the last week of December – my girlfriends and I were on the phone on a conference call whilst I figured out my plans for the rest of the night.  They were in agreement that at the rate I was going – I’d end up picking up a man off the street if only for the ‘eye candy company’.

Whilst driving in the general direction of the suburbs; after the chat with the girls and a quick chat with a particularly charming young man –cash cash I decided that I could definitely ‘pick up’ a guy off the road … How hard could it be right ?  All one needs is :

  1. a nice set of wheels (check – black tinted Honda City),
  2. a bit of an edge (check – I can’t blow my own trumpet too much can I ?) and
  3. CASH (who can resist cash – and no I wasn’t seeking out a gigolo)

And then I saw him .. tall, well built (not buff but not lanky either), scruffy hair and a slight stubble .. wandering up & down the road looking slightly lost and very much in search of food … definitely time to make a move ;) 

I rolled down my window, and called out to him (can’t remember if I asked him if he needed a ride or if he was lost) … The lad has swaggered over to the car, told me that he needs food (it’s well past 11 p.m and food could prove difficult!) .. he got him into the car (quite easily might I add – especially after a quick flash of cash) .. took a short drive to park up .. and found a lil’ cafe that would serve him some kebab style rolls. 

The two of us ended up having a diverse and stimulating conversation (which lasted just over an hour and a bit) – something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing with someone new.  In the end – I didn’t have to fork out any cash for the great company – in fact I ended up driving him back towards his office.  Who can blame a girl for enjoying good company (not to mention eye candy in the form of a topless treat !!!)

After the year I had in 2010, the last few days of December proved to provide some sort of spice in my life ;) and the Roadside Romeo that I found loitering around one of the by-lanes of Bandra was just too cute to resist !

Disclaimer :  Obviously it’s NOT safe to go around picking up random men or women off the streets anywhere !! I would NOT recommend that you try this at all unless you KNOW the person ! I’m just a bit mental that way :P


Praba said...

you amaze me sweets..lol, great going there ;) wish u more luck with hotties! ^^

HRH Stafford said...

OMG!! Why was i not with you?????
BTW was this whole "Stimulated" conversation in English or HINDI??....LOL....

Dazediva said...

@ Praba .. thanks doll ! he was definitely a hottie ;)

@ HRH .. LOL too much competition with you around my darling :P and the stimulating convo was in 'English' thank you very much :P 'Hindi stimulation naheeeee mangta'

Guiltyhyena said...

Brave Brave girl! I'm free spirited, though I could never trust picking up anyone for a ride. I've watched too many horror psycho films! :)

Dazediva said...

@ The Guilty Hyena .. happy new year hun !! ahh but he was 'not just anyone' .. he was 'super cute' :P ... if I was anywhere else I wouldn't have done that; I'm a fan of psycho horror movies and know just how bad it can get in an instant

Rachit said...

Reading most of your posts I can definitely call you a 'guy' trapped in a girl's body.
And regarding the post - Risky hence fun ;) Atta girl!