Music Monday #26 ATB – My Everything

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I absolutely LOVE this song !!!  It’s as if I connected with it the very first time I heard it (thanks to HauteSaiff) and I simply cannot get enough of it.

Each new stanza, each new instrument, draws me closer and simply sends a shiver through my entire being … As I let my eyes close, the magic of the melody takes over … Try it .. you’d be surprised at the effect this song might have on you …

I can feel that caress against my skin through the music, enough to send tingles down my arms … if only I could pull you closer … *sigh* … oh wait – if only I had ‘you’ to pull closer that would be great :P

I played this tune on one of my random late night drives back home … rolled the windows down, a cool breeze, (nearly) empty roads .. and it was just perfect !!! ‘You’ could mean anyone or anything … so if you have a special someone – make them hear this tune; even if you don’t – I’m pretty sure the moment you heard this song, someone came to mind … your best friend, a partner in crime, a group of people, a relative … we all have a special someone or a group of someone's’ who really are ‘our everything’

Hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do and have a fab week ahead of you !

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bethere2day said...

I like this even though i have not heard this before till now.

Happy WW!

Dazediva said...

@ Bethere2day .. welcome to my blog, & happy new year :) glad you enjoyed the song.

Namz said...

Hi DD. Happy New Year! Am not really a fan of a trance or house music but this one moves me.

Thanks for sharing. Happy MM!

William K Wallace said...

First time I have heard this song and it sure is a good one. She has an amazing voice...

elvie from Elvira's Roundabout said...

first time i heard of this song.. thanks. Happy MM!

oh, by the way, please help me win a contest, just need ur click: and thanks in advance :)

LadyJava said...

I like it.. first time hearing it :)
happy MM!

Con Artist Trickster said...

Hi. Dropping by to say Happy MM!

Dazediva said...

@ Namz .. it is very moving isn't it ? something about the music just strikes a chord !! happy MM to you too !

@ William .. welcome to my blog :) her voice is absolutely magical ! and you are from my favourite city :)

@ Elvie & LadyJava .. glad you enjoyed the song :) happy MM to both of you !!

@ ConArtist .. happy MM !!

Anonymous said...

this is the perfect song for the first monday of 2011 !! :D
set the mood for all the mondays to come! ;)
Happy New Year Sweetie!! have an adventurous one with tons of madness and crazy fun! :)