Bring It On 2011

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I have decided to throw out the past (Not going to miss that); Packing the present (deciding who & what to keep in my life); & damn, I AM READY for an Exciting New Future !

Good Bye 2010 .. BRING IT ON 2011

A mate of mine had the above as his FB status and I thought it was worth sharing with you all.  I definitely agree with the above !  As I write this post, I look back at my thoughts from when I said adios to 2008; this time last year as 2009 came to an end; and I can’t help but reflect on my learning's of 2010.

Throwing Out The Past

We all have a past – a past that can sometimes come with baggage .. and it’s human nature to want to hold on to some of that baggage (good and/or bad) … I know I’m guilty of having done that every now and then .. but when I realize it – I tend to get to rid of it … so for the new year it’s time to throw out all the extra baggage that finds a way to sneak into my personal and professional space …. it’s good riddance to bad rubbish !

And that applies to people as well … there are some individuals who tend to hold one back; others who are just out to get you when you least expect it; and some who just have a negative effect on your life without you even realizing it … No one wants to admit that the people they consider part of their social circle could really just be draining all the positivity from them … It’s time to wake up and brush away the negativity !

Packing the Present

How do you know ‘who’ should be a part of your life ? It’s a gut instinct kinda thing right ?  If the person around you can be considered a positive influencer, someone you can learn from, someone you can be yourself around – then that’s the person who should be a part of your present.

The key to ‘what’ should be a part of your life varies … for some it could be a driving force that motivates them to reach out for the ‘what’; for others it could be attaining a connection within themselves by way of an activity such as yoga, horse riding, belly dancing  or even kick boxing ! Figure out something that ‘you want to do’ this year, decide on it, and just go and DO IT !

Without a doubt, I have to give a big shout out to my boys – especially since I got to meet 3 of the 4 of them this year and really spent some quality time with them !  Then there are my girls – but these just aren’t any girls – they actually ‘get me’ .. Dee (who came to visit me for 2 weeks earlier this year), Madam Lust Nat (she just started with her blog; and she was my partner in crime when we went to Thailand to celebrate her b’day and indulged in a fishy spa !); Vixen (who is long over due another visit) & EGoh! who despite drowning her self in work will always be there for me no matter what happens.  These are my past that will always be a part of my present and my future.

In Bombay I’d have to give a big shout to my cousin & business partner NC for all the crazy work hours that we’ve put in without biting each other’s heads’ off ! NB for all the dessert breaks of 2010 and adventurous drives; and Nomiswaaami – even though she’s abandoned me and run off to MY home city !

2011 An Exciting New Year

Whatever happened in 2010 – was something of the past – whether it was good, bad or even plain ugly ! Did you learn something from those experiences ? Put that to use and decide how YOU want 2011 to shape out for you ! If your energies are focused on something – the universe has a way of making it work for you.

A fabulous blogger friend Cole on her blog PreMiddleAge, has summed up in her post What’s Your View’ a fab perspective of making 2011 your year.  And if don’t already know The Fab Bitchher bitch fab new year wishes will get you hooked to her writing !

My company AKA : A Klass Apart has been operational for just over a year now; and it’s been a roller coaster ride !  3 weddings including a destination event in Mauritius; the launch of 3 brands including conceptualization, design & execution; with lots more in the pipeline.

We’ve even started getting enquiries from Spain and Hong Kong to look after events.  The last few days have been exceptionally exciting; my partner NC and I are looking forward to taking the bull by its horns and having a wild ride over the next 12 months.

nye 2011 I’d like to wish all of you a very very Happy New Year.  From the bottom of my heart, I  hope 2011 brings you whatever you wish for =) Don’t forget to share your new year resolutions if you have made any !


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LIKE :) :)

Priyanka Juneja said...

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Happy New Year, Div! :-)

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@ Priyanka .. glad you enjoyed the post :) will leave a comment on your link

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Wish you a wonderful 2011! May it truly be a klass apart!! ;)