Music Monday #19 Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

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I was going through my old music posts and had to re-post this for today’s Music Monday … The original post and comments can be found here

I heard this song for the first time in April 2009 after a weekend of R&R courtesy of my friend HS.  He got pretty fed up of my ‘house music’ and told me that he was switching the tone to some ‘real music’.  I couldn’t’  really blame him – we’d quite literally heard at least 2 albums of St Germain – and he told me to put on some Leonard Cohen

Until  that day, I had absolutely no clue who Leonard Cohen was – now of course I know better.  He’s a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, novelist, artist who has also been in the music industry for four decades !

The very start of the music makes you instantly relax …. and then … THAT VOICE … the deep husky baritone and bass voice … it can make you melt ! The simple drum beats soothe every muscle in your body.  Every time I hear this song – I simply have to close my eyes – and just let Leonards’ voice take over. 

It’s become one of my favourite songs simply because not only does it have a lounge feel with a soothing melody; there is also the enough time between each line of the song allowing the listener to fully grasp and acknowledge each instrument playing and at the same time being able to ‘hear’ the lyrics word-for-word. 

With most songs, even slow songs – there are some verses of the songs that one isn’t able to grasp all the words being sung.  With this track – it’s impossible not to hear all the words.  Cohen and collaborator Sharon Robinson's vocals are absolutely gorgeous throughout.  Not to mention the perfect harmony of the various instrument – take it up another notch !

The unusual combination of music and lyrics is perfect. The lyrics are sheer poetry !! and just transports you to another world … It really does feel like a secret life ….

memoryCan you picture a memory to each word you hear … doesn’t it create a warm fuzzy feeling inside ?  Sometimes it also causes a pull in the pit of your stomach … .. slowly releasing itself into your insides … doesn’t it increase your heart beat .. just a little bit … do you feel the tightening of your heart ….  

Do you hear the hum of a wind instrument against the bass and drums  ? Can you picture the fingertips gracefully moving on the keyboard … or the ones strumming the guitar ?

Do you know which verse I’m referring to with all my thoughts above ?   I closed my eyes and wrote whatever I was feeling …. I think you should try it … You never know what you come out with hehe 

Do you have a secret life ? I think we all do … Do you find yourself drifting off … someplace … away from where you currently are … when you ‘finally’ find a few minutes to yourself .. away from your busy schedule ?

That zone .. that someplace … it’s ‘your’ time to reflect back for a little bit …on anything … and everything …  to shut out the noise and daily communication … I’ve been needing a getaway for a few months now – but work is keeping me grounded.

Now that I think about it – I wouldn’t mind finding a pool just so I could ‘float’ around without a care in the world (I love that feeling of losing myself in the water).  And ironically HS – gave me a call earlier this week to figure out if I wanted to ‘get away’ for a break … soon I shall take him up on his offer …

So on that note – I’m gonna leave you to enjoy your secret life =)

Side Note : I was contacted by the management of Leonard Cohen for my original post – unfortunately that email got deleted =( So if anyone out there is reading this – I need to give you my address for a signed CD

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Bill said...

Nice choice Diva and like you said very relaxing. Happy MM my sweet friend. Have a great week ahead.

peace_luver3596 said...

just heard this song with my eyes closed (just like you said =] ) super relaxing and Leonards voice is super soothing! loved it!! =D

purplepatch said...

@ DD - Are you relaxed? 'nuff already … All well? If you are gonna come back telling us about your crazy work hours, I will be so very terribly disappointed – hoping to hear something exciting :p
You and Ve complete me..wheeeeeeee :D

Anonymous said...

@purple... thank you!!! I was getting tired of skulking around here, hoping either one of you would show up!!

Dazediva said...

@ Peace_Luver ... I'm liking the way you are de-lurking !! good on ya girl :) glad you enjoyed the track :)

@ Purple Patch & VE ... how I have missed you both !! my bloody internet has been on the blink for 6 days (SIX freaking days!) ... how does a 48 hour migraine attack followed by a mini surgery over the last week sound to you both ?? exciting enough ? do you excuse me now for not being around *puppy eyes*

but now I'm baaaaaaack :)

purplepatch said...

@ DD - Aww sweetie ...that is way too different from my expectations phew..I was soo hoping it was to do with certain someone. Hope you are feeling better now. kick that ass who gave you migraine! And I hope the surgery was of the "Jo bhagwaan nahi deta woh doctor deta hai" uplifting types and nothing too serious hehe...Welcome back gurrl...hugs!

ps: I am learning something new everytime I post a comment - such tough words for verification :D

Dazediva said...

@ Purple Patch ... hahaha some of the words for the verification are hilarious !! I found a post with some real dirty words on it .. will share it soon ...

*sigh* if only had TIME I would put together some escapades for you ... client wedding is 3 weeks away and looks like I will not be sleeping much :(

Anonymous said...

whoa.. 48 hr migraine? mini surgery? no net access for 6 days?? Do I send flowers across or just come over with a white sheet for the final rites?? LOL... jokes aside.. sounds like you've had a bloody miserable week!! I guess thats ur way of subtly (sic!) informing purple 'n me that you're not gonna be around for a while.. *sniff *sniff!!! :( Hope the wedding is a major success tho.. all the best with that! :)

@purple... If you're as bored as I am, wanna crash the wedding that DD is planning?? ;)

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. flowers & chocolates would be great right about now; and the white sheet .. erm save that for after the wedding of my client is over cos I will probably just die of exhaustion !!

Just cos you make me smile so much (and you too PurplePatch) I will be making an effort to be around .. I just can't promise how often that's all over the next few weeks ..

I will need some help at the wedding .. so if you are gonna crash, the condition is that you help me out :P and I'll booze you guys up :)

purplepatch said...

@ DD - I want BJ shots ayeeee!

and my dear @ WE - SUIT UP!!! Ve gotta clean up nice and blend in smooooth..I always wanted to be a wedding crasher when me wuz young (purple goes shopping)

Anonymous said...

@DD.. as long as you promise to try, that more than I can ask for!! :) We really do miss you!!

@purple.. can u believe the cheek of our girl here?? I mean.. I knew she'd be great at work.. but this good? She offers to set us up with free booze.. all at her clients expense.. and then, she wants us to work for it!!!! Talk about a shrewd cat!! ;)

Tell you what.. lets hit the stores for you, and if you find something really nice, we'l make an appearance at the wedding.. and iffffff..and only ifffff its upto OUR standards ;-)... then we'll stay and help DD out... wot say? .. and yes.. we'll get you some BJ shots!!

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. I miss you guys too .. and look at you calling me a shrewd cat !! I'm a fiesty one young man :P

Oh and did I mention that the wedding is in Mauritius ?? .... yup soak it in honey .... you know you want to be there .. :P

and yes I am THAT good :P I need help, you two can provide it and benefit of the perks of being part of the wedding planner crew :) heheheh

Anonymous said...

@DD.. oooohh.. Mauritius?? hmmm.. so how exactly do I go about applying for a post on the wedding crew? I was thinking.. Wines & Aged Malts Taster would be the post I'd best be suited for!! You know.. just to make sure everything is up to the mark... :D

If only life were simple enuff to just dump my own responsibilities, I'd actually take you up on that offer!! and fyi.. I'm good with events.. I'm the unofficial planner for weddings and funerals for the family! :)