It’s Time To De-Lurk

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Yeah you read that right .. it’s time to de-lurkify yourself my friends ! Yes you … I know you’re reading this; I know you want to comment but you just haven’t gotten a strong enough hit of your coffee to want to comment just yet .. but I know deep down you really want to do it !

LurkerDay_DontWantToHideForever Are you just pretending that you don’t know what I’m talking about ?? A lurker is someone (just like you) who enjoys stopping by blogs (or sometimes lands there by accident), reading various blogs and enjoys the comments but doesn’t leave a single trace of his/her presence on your blog =( 

It’s a big bad world out there – and even though its great that you’re here visiting my blog; I feel kinda sad that I’m never going to know who you are and where I can ever find you again !!! It’s just not fair – that you come and visit my blog and that I never get to discover who you are and what you do and what kind of blog you have or what kind of tweets you send out !!

It seemed apt to suggest that it’s the time to de-lurk as I happened to come across a similar sentiment whilst blog hopping today.  Adam Singer suggested that one of the ways to generate a buzz on a blog was to ask readers to de-lurk and Ari Herzog of Ariwriter wrote ‘Why I’d Like You To De-Lurk’; and I discovered that 14th January is National Delurking Day !

I remember losing my lurking streak to Kathy at the Junk Drawer way back in March 2009; I was so nervous that by the time I decided to de-lurkify myself – I was commenter number 118 !!!  Wow ! 118 comments on a single blog post ! That’s impressive !  I remember being scared about sounding silly but eventually I just took a deep breath and wrote down whatever came to mind.  Here’s a bit of what I wrote to Kathy …

So why was I lurking .. still grasping the concept of blogging; trying to find time to pen down my thoughts; sometimes I feel that what I have to say has already been said – so I just go off with a smile on my face

So what have you got to lose by de-lurking ? Absolutely nothing.  You would only be sharing your blogger voice with us all (and you’d be making my day by letting me know that you stopped by !)

And just to show you how easy it is .. here’s what you have to do to De-Lurkify yourself :  

  1. Click on the Comment link
  2. Leave your name (real name or blogger name) and website address so I can drop by and visit you
  3. Leave your twitter name (if you tweet) comments

Now that’s the easy part … if you’re feeling brave you can also

  1. type in whatever you want i.e. how long you’ve been lurking for; if its your first time here; do you like / love or hate my blog; why do you lurk;  seriously you can write anything you want in here !

My aim is to try to discover at least 20 lurkers on my blog (my stats show that I have all these visitors but since there are never comments from them – it kinda leaves me feeling a bit low) – so if you’re a lurker – you’ll really be doing me a favour by de-lurking !

Go on – it’s time to de-lurk NOW !


Anonymous said...

Yo DC,

i dont usually do this, but since u want it this way.. here it is!

dont tell anyone i was here though..

it freaks me out when random ppl click on my name and try know 'me'

face the facts ppl, i dont know myself completely till date.. so 'you' are gonna be far from the truth...

btw, if u havnt figured out who this is, im still waiting for my 'get well soon' card.. hehe

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

I lurk because I am shy,... Can you dig it?

Anonymous said...

hey from your on-again-off-again lurker ;-P


Dazediva said...

@ Anon 1 aka Bishka aka AM .. see I know you just by the way you write ;) I don't know where to buy a card from, so an e-card will be in your inbox soon ! hope you're feeling better munchkin

@ The Fab Bitch .. you and shy ?? LMAO ! this I do not believe, what have you done with the Real Fab Bitch ? send her back to me now !!! and if you for any reason you are the Real Fab Bitch - you may lurk on other blogs cos they may not be able to grasp your fabulousness immediately

@ Prutha .. I lurve lurkers like you :) I'm so proud of you :)

Srikanth said...

Here i go.. Am no blogger.. reads lot of stuff .. liked your music monday and way of writing, hence ur in my RSS reader :)

Kimmy said...

Bonjour lovely one,
I am not a lurker but just popped in to lend support to others.
It is really not too hard to open up and talk to Dazediva-she is a sweetheart and quite hilarious in her own right.
She has a lovely blog and will keep you entertained-as you know already.
Have fun with it guys and have a most lovely rest of your holiday, cheers!

Dazediva said...

@ Srikanth .. Thanks for delurking ! So glad you did :) I'm happy you enjoyed the Music Mondays (and my style of writing hehee) I hope to see more of you; don't be shy !

@ Kimmy ... ma chéri vous êtes trop gentil comme vous êtes beau ! Your words made me go 'awwwwwwww' and get all mushy ! Thanks for the support; and encouragement :)

To all my lurkers, make sure you stop by Kimmys' style blog and get a dose of impeccable fashion !

LOST PLUM said...

i'd like to think "I come and say hi" not lurk but I'll leave a lurking comment anyways! :)

Dazediva said...

@ Lost Plum .. I'm just honoured that you come by !! :) oh and when I saw your comment - all I could think was 'awww my plumsicle' (in the most non-creepy way I promise!!)

Lurkers - if you haven't already visited the lovely Lost Plum then you are missing out on her Sunday Pulls !

Mandy said...

Heh. Well hopefully you found your lurkers! I know I get about ten times more visitors than comments on my blog!

Poseidon Monacular said...

I don't lurk, I'm way too awesome to lurk. I just don't come on blogger very often these days.

Dazediva said...

@ Emm .. I'm still weening the lurkers out .. and I totally know what you mean .. I have more visitors than comments so I know they are out there hehehe

@ Deft Digits .. you are too awesome aren't ya ! I've missed you ! come back to Bloggy world !

peace_luver3596 said...

heyyooo! so here im am commeting on this post, which i think was written for me...=) so im gonna de-lurkify myself..
so im kavita (a.k.a peace_luver3596) and i actually visited Sporadic Reflections after seeing your name in the Paani Puri Cloting blog. =D

so from now on... iWILL be commenting =D


Anonymous said...

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