7 Must Have Mood Enhancers

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My BBBFF The Fabulous Bitch wrote a fab post on Must Have Fab Bitch Mood Enhancers and I couldn’t agree with her more !  I’m pretty certain that you (yes you turning around) have a special something that totally boosts your mood and helps turn your day around …

Sure in this day and age – some things we desire are superficial and materialistic .. such a damn shame they are the cause of pleasure in our lives !  I could probably rattle off a never ending list of things, people, places that lift my mood but for the purpose of this post (and so as not to lose your interest completely) I’ll just stick to the top 7 (don’t ask me why its 7 – ask The Fabulous One as I’m just following her post)

hypnotic poison

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

This is one perfume that gets my hormones in over drive and makes me feel like a true Diva ! I don’t know any true blooded man who can resist this scent … If I feel good and smell good – there’s no stopping the diva in me on a night out :)

If you haven’t already tried this – then I highly recommend it.  And if you don’t feel like a diva – then I’ll change my name (ok maybe I won’t but still – try it!)

A Full Body Massagemassage

Ok so it’s not like I have a boyfriend who can drop everything to give me a massage – but  I’ve found the best pick-me-up comes in the form a body massage.  It could be a back massage, a foot massage, a head & shoulder massage – any or all of them make for a great mood enhancer.  

No boyfriend means that I have to find an alternative … my mum has found a lady who comes home for massages – and I manage to spoil myself with one at least 3 times a week :)  Now that’s the way the Diva rolls ! I just have to reach her how to manage a Thai massage and then I’m sorted !



Yup that’s right – I said Skype.  I can’t begin to describe what a buzz it is to hear that ringing sound and knowing that within a few seconds I’d be able to ‘see’ my friends who live overseas.  Its quick, easy and best of all FREE (ok fine not really fully free since I do have to pay internet bills – but its still better than paying an arm & a leg for a phone bill).  Besides, having an ex compliment you face-to-face always creates a mood lift :P

Wine & Cheese  white-wine-bleu-cheese

Like The Fabulous One I do like me a nice chilled glass of sweet white wine.  Throw in an assortment of divine cheeses; some grapes and crackers and I’ll be on my way to the heavens :)

If you’ve never had a W&C party before – then do check out the article Wine 7 Cheese by John St Mark

galaxy bar with piecesChocolate

Give me white, milk or dark chocolate and you’ll see the smile across my face for the whole day.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures !  The past few weeks – I’ve been going through various mood swings and I find that the only solution to them is either Galaxy or Toblerone chocolate.  I love the way Galaxy pieces melt in your mouth.  I break off a piece, and leave it in my mouth to melt away – and let those mini orgasmic waves take over my senses ! Damn I want some Galaxy right now !

cold_coffee Cold Coffee / Coffee Milkshake

With the summer coming along in full force here in Bombay – the only thing that lifts my spirits in the morning is a tall glass of Cold Coffee or Coffee Milkshake.  It’s not as strong as a regular cup of coffee nor is it too sweet .. its just the right blend and teases the palate … and I find it more addictive than regular coffee.  It’s extremely refreshing – there’s the buzz of caffeine combined with a cool taste – a perfect morning mood lifter.


male collage Hot Eye Candy

Of course the real deal would make soar into the sky – but I believe in reality – so will be happy to stare at my laptop or phone where I can have numerous hot men stare right back at me !  It just seems to me that Bombay is currently lacking severely in the ‘hot men’ category and since I’m not a Bollywood celebrity stalker – the regular guys aren’t quite cutting it for me … So eye candy it is – all on my laptop and just for moi :)

Now that you know my must-have mood enhancers – what are yours ? Do you crave the same things that The Fabulous One and I seek out ? Or must you have something that would put our must-haves to shame ?  Don’t forget to leave a comment; and if you decide to create your own post – make sure you share your link !


WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

I am so with you on the full body massage,.. an absolute must have. Strong firm hands on me, yeah, that can boost my mood.

Nandoism™ said...

mine is having a good phone conversation with my BFF of 26 years, she and I have stories! She's my mood enhancer, for sure. Great post, sister!

Manisha B said...

For me, its
1) HAZELNUT chocolates
2) Chanel Egoist Platinum for men (it reminds me of someone that can definitely elevate my mood ;)
3) A glass of wine
4) Dressing up (yeah, its not always for the boys!)
5) My favourite song on the radio
6) A caffeine kick
7) hmmm.... will have to come back for the last one!

LOST PLUM said...

Can't agree more with Skype! It makes life amazing for us that live in countries other then those of the ones we love and mean the most! Great post as always:) xo

Pre Middle Age said...

LA Love to you! I'll limit it to seven. *sigh*

1. A trip to a museum.
2. A medium diet coke from McDonald's.
3. A massage from Kyle. (There's no one better. He makes you cry.)
4. Sitting next to The Boyfriend. Anywhere.
5. The apartment freshly cleaned by someone other than me.
6. Sitting on a busy street corner, turning off my phone and listening.
7. Ice cream sandwiches that leave the chocolate bread stuff on your fingers.

Oh, fine! I'll blog about it.

Dazediva said...

@ WSG .. firm hands on me .. I want ! I want ! where's a hot man when you need him ??

@ Nando .. long chats with the BFF are always a mood enhancer :) can't wait to hear some of your stories - sounds like a riot !! xx

@ Manisha .. dressing up never has to be for the boys ;) if you're gonna feel sexy, that's a mood lift already ! and I want to hear about this man who elevates you :P

@ LostPlum .. you flatter me :) I love it ! I need to send an email to the founder of Skype for saving me atrocious phone bills !

@ PMA aka Cole .. so are Kyle & the Boyfriend the same ? sorry I'm lost :P cos if Kyle is the masseuse - can I sign up for a massage ? and if he's the BF - I take it all back ! LOL and please do blog about this .. would love to see the response you have :)

Chicky said...

- Body Massage
- Chocolates
- Fresh Flowers
- HP books
- action movies
- the sexy voice of Aasha Bhonsle
& Ricky Martin!

Anonymous said...

for me it has gotta gotta be:
- a fab massage
- a glass (okay maybe a bottle :P) of st emilion
- the bitterest & darkest of chocolates
- café noir (j'adooooooore :P)
- dancing in my PJ's to crazy numbers from the 90s
- a jog in the rain with my dog

and a few more that cannot be mentioned here ;)

PS: sorry for the late comment :S


Dazediva said...

@ Kaddu .. chocolate is an all-time mood enhancer :) the best way to cheer up ! I've met Asha Bhonsle - she's one of the nicest women ever !

@ Prutha .. oooh I haven't danced in my pjs in years ! I must try that - things have been really shitty the past 2 weeks work-wise; and what kind of dog do you have ??

Anonymous said...

ohhhh u must do the dancin-in-pjs bit soon enough..heheh
as for dog...he's a german shepard :)
adorable as ever!!
http://twitpic.com/1f5jr9 thats him


vikram said...

Excellent post. Mood elevators for me would be:
a good jog, definitely a spa and body message preferably by soft delicate hands,(although I'am trained myself, but can't massage myself unfortunately), a cool drink like "sex on the beach", a long drive on a car with excellent music, a good swim and a game of golf.