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Over the years, as much as I am a sports enthusiast, I’ve found that some of my guy mates are not just enthusiasts – they are down right obsessive when it comes to sports related events and if there’s a game going on that they support – somehow they manage to get themselves tickets to go and watch the game.

India is currently on a rage with with the IPL Cricket matches that are going on and almost everyone I know has been attending matches at the stadiums – even my girlfriends … except me :(  I was invited by my mate SG for a match but alas I couldn’t make it that evening. 

So over the last few weeks – every time I’ve been out – the primary topic of conversation seems to be focused on Cricket, Football (English and American), Tennis and Basketball !  It’s as if everyone wakes up eating, breathing and thinking of sports !sports feverA buddy of mine has just returned from a trip to the US and has been raving on about acquiring Boston Celtics Tickets for some home games for when he is due back to Boston.  For those that don’t know (and yes I fell in that category until my mate and Wikipedia told me otherwise) – the Celtics are a Basketball team who play in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the NBA. 

I’ve never watched a live professional basketball game before so perhaps the next time I make a trip to the US – I’ll grab myself some tickets and go down for a game =)  Which is your favourite basketball team ?  I’m going to go with whichever team Michael Jordan (‘cos he wears 23 and that’s my birthday) and Shaq play for :) hehehe but saying that I don’t mind getting a hold of some Harlem Globetrotters tickets !

Then last night when I was chilling with my cousin Nomster, we were going over photos of the Real Madrid and Barcelona football match (yes English football) that our other cousins from Spain had attended.  Her mate AD from St Thomas was with us – and was insistent that American football was much better than English football season football.  Him and his mates have all got Chicago Bears Tickets for 2 games in August !

So Nomster and I asked him to explain a bit more about the format of the football games and he went on to tell us the SEC Football Championship Tickets were some of the hardest tickets to obtain as the SEC Championship is considered one of the premier events in college football.  The final football match will be taking place in Atlanta in December this year and tickets are already practically sold out !

Now don’t get me wrong – I actually enjoy both versions of the game – but somehow I still prefer English football (maybe because now I actually understand the game – and I am British after all).  Although I have always loved watching movies based on American football such as Remember The Titans, Any Given Sunday, The Replacements and Jerry McGuire (ok this was more for Tom Cruise)

I’d go for a football match (English or American) any day … I quite enjoy the sport myself :) But until I can do that – I suppose I’ll just have to be satisfied watching the games on the big screen.  Oh and tomorrow is the IPL Cricket Finals – Mumbai Indians vs. Chennai Super Kings … there’s gonna be some mayhem in this city !! Does it make me a bad person if I rather get Sesame Street Live Tickets and fly across to the US than watch the cricket !

However before you think I’ve never been to any sort of live game – I’ll have you know that whilst at university I’d managed to get hold of Chicago Blackhawks Tickets ! Living in Montreal made me appreciate ice hockey as a sport – it takes a lot out of you !

So for all of the above sports – I can understand why and how people can become so engrossed in them.  The one sport that I never understood was and I think always will be – is Golf !! How can it possibly be interesting watching someone hit a golf ball across the greens and then just following them around ??  I used to caddy for my uncle when he was out playing golf; he’s still just as keen on the sport as he was over a decade ago.  He’s already purchased Augusta National Golf Course Tickets for the 2011 Masters in Georgia, USA.  The course is ranked as the  #1 course in Golf Digests’ list of America’s 100 greatest courses.

So what’s your favourite sport to watch live and on TV ? Have you been for many live matches ? Which ones ? and what was your best experience ? Is there any sport that you don’t enjoy ? Would love to hear your thoughts on this :)


Sumit said...

I think you ought to watch 'The longest yard' too. It's an awesome American football movie.

And well, English football is my game of choice. I LOVE the game!!

Carol said...

I have to say, that I am amoung the few that don't get all the game stuff. I don't like sports but often find myself with sport crazy people. The best part is I know at times they don't get my interests and have to listen to me. Giggle. Have a great day.

Kimmy said...

I use to detest football until Tennessee got the Titans and now I am worse than my brothers! I learned the rules of the game and talk football with them and my friends like it's fashion! Absolutely love it! :-) Go Titans!!!

Dazediva said...

@ Sumit .. I think I may have seen 'The Longest Yard' but can't remember it .. and yup, English football rules :)

@ Carol .. I enjoy my sports, but not a total fanatic on them .. and its true, if my mates have to listen to my interests, then its only fair I watch a few games with them :) have a lovely Sunday !

@ Kimmy .. ooh not only are you a fashion diva but a sports diva too !! the men must be putty in your hands ... a hottie who talks sports :) can you teach me the rules too :P

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

I dated a soccer player, or football as some prefer to call it.. but I am an African and we call it soccer, for the longest time. Actually, I thought he was THE love of my life. So, I had to watch soccer, eat soccer because I was sleeping with soccer.
Anyway, I could never, still don't, understand why gorgeous men would obsess around a plastic round object when I have perfectly round objects myself,..
And don't get me started on rugby,.. I just don't get why men who claim to be straight and 200% MACHO, would like to push their heads between another man's sweaty legs. Beyond me.

Dazediva said...

@ WSG .. hahah you crack me up babe ! and yes why hunky men choose to stick their heads between sweaty legs in tight pants I never understood either ! but damn - their butts look tight !!! missed you & your posts whilst I was away but will make up for that today :)

Wilmaryad said...

Diva, you know as much as I do that sports events, watched from the stadium, are for flirting with the hunks - player and supporter combined! :D

When should we attend a game? ;)