Sawadi Ka Red Bull

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Last year I wrote about Medicine That Makes You Fly ! I suggest you have a quick look at that post to keep up with this one :)
After all these years – I have come across the Thai Red Bull bottle again .. I had thought of its existence as a fleeting memory from a distant time (i.e university days seem like a lifetime ago)

But I did find it …  In Thailand of course :) I spent the last week over there celebrating one of my closest girlfriends’ 30th birthday. (check out the swanky leather stud cover for the bottle – Absolut Rocks)

This medicinal bottle of Red Bull is just as I remember it from my university days … sickeningly sweet and really quite like cough syrup !  Pattaya and Bangkok have NO Red Bull CANS at all ! I found some ‘Shark’ energy drink cans but absolutely nada luck on the Red Bull.

However once we drowned the Red Bull with Absolut – there was no reason to complain =)  Vodka Red Bull has been my drink of choice for almost a decade now .. unless a better mix comes about – I’m sticking with it .. can or medicine bottle style !