Thinking Outside The Puri

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Some of you may recall that I’ve had some major Paani Puri Cravings to a point I wrote about the reactions I got Outside the Puri … well all of that was for the launch of a new brand created by my friend (and client) Rish Oberoi. 

This young man has kept Mumbai on its toes wondering about his obsession with Paani Puri and it’s been worth the wait !  Here’s the brand new teaser … I would love to know your feedback and comments about the video – it would really mean a lot to him and me !

If you are looking for some unique out-of-the-box style T-shirts – then I strongly recommend checking out the website Paani Puri Clothing and the Paani Puri Clothing Blog (where I am a regular writer)

Please feel free to share this video teaser campaign with your readers and your friends … we want to spread the Paani Puri Love to the world :)


WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Can't watch the vid on my phone, will watch later tonight.

But, I can't see how I can promote the Puri thing since I have not tasted it yet. I did try to get you to fedex me a sample, still waiting.
Have a Puri giveaway on your blog, and let me win it and I do some promotion on it, ok?

Another thing, when will you get time to pimp me for a book deal when you are so busy, the wedding organizing, now puri pimping, being a socialite and all...
I am worried, very worried.

Dazediva said...

@ WSG .. hahah you're crazy child ! besides if I sent it by fed ex then I couldn't come and make you the real deal now could I :P

Paani Puri - my client - is a clothing brand hat is derived from an Indian snack food also called Pani Puri.

I'll definitely be having a giveaway & perhaps you can have one as well ? That way you can have your Puri and wear it too :P

For you my BBBFF, I always have time, and lets talk about a book for you :) Gtalk / skype ? and pimp the bitch fab writer that you are mwaah xx