Post Office Parcel Adventure

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I can’t help but crack up laughing whilst writing this post … It’s just too funny ! Maybe not to you right now – but once I’m done and you actually read the reference posts – you’d appreciate it :)

Background to Fill You In

A week or so prior to Valentines, I got totally inspired to write a few posts all thanks to Nandoism’s Valentines Erotica Submission post .. If I say so myself, damn I was on a roll and how ! I then went on to work up the nerve to take part in the content held by Empire Labs; only to realize I belonged to the wrong country.  Around this time I started focusing on the calling of my blogger voice; and eventually got to submitting a small piece of erotica to the competition.

Then on 15th February I came to know that I had WON the Nandoism and Empire Labs competition !!!  and that I’d be receiving a big box of goodies from the lovely peeps over at Empire Labs … but since they’re going to be shipping to India … and technically ‘toys’ aren’t really allowed … I would be receiving a box of sample molding kits hahahha

So anyway … I’ve been in touch with the lovely Becky from Empire Labs and she’s been checking in on whether or not I’ve received my parcel as yet.  Between the jinxes I’ve received from my Twitter friends Berges M and Rajiv Dingra; I’ve been quite doubtful whether or not I’d EVER receive my parcel ! .. Then it finally happened … I got a post card from the post office informing me that my parcel was with the CUSTOMS division of the Foreign Post Office and that I should make my way over and collect it.

Off I went earlier today and believe you me when I tell you that this is NOT an easy place to find ! After eventually finding the damn office, I was directed to 3 different people only to have the last person (who was a conservative old man – and I mean grandpa old) – keep hinting that I might potentially be receiving ‘illegal’ items since I didn’t 'quite know the content of the parcel (of course I did  but I’m not about to break it down to a grandpa that I’m receiving a box of sex toys!)

(this pic is the closest I can get to describe the old man at the post office .. minus the turban .. he was even wagging his finger at me when telling me off)

I now have to go back tomorrow and go and ‘open’ this parcel in front of him as it turns out he’s the ‘examiner’ … hmmm … now what ?? I went over to the head of the building and gave him a sob story telling him how I didn’t like grandpa telling me off about my parcel and how it was really inconvenient for me to keep coming to the post office .. I mean after all .. I have a job !! !can’t just leave in the middle of the day to sit at the post office :P  

My sister and I were cracking up over this because it’s going to be highly embarrassing if I DO have to open this box up !!! I don’t quite know WHAT the customs office is going to say to me !  My sis reckons I should take a letter / email from Empire Labs and show it to the customs for proof; and then attempt to video the entire episode on my camera whilst I’m there for you to get the REAL FEEL of my experience.

Hmmm .. might just have to try that out !  Guess you’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the parcel !  Wish me luck people !


nandoism said...

OMG! I don't wanna be you right now! You HAVE to open your package? Oh How Rude! Tell them Ganesh and Prvatti would approve!

Dazediva said...

@ Nandoism .. Tell me about it !!! so embarrassing ! I would want the ground to open up and pull me to its core !!! Its a really old man, and he's the head examiner .. considering how conservative the Indian societies can be .. jeeeeeez !! Becky is hooking me up with an official letter so I can take with me tomorrow .. can't wait to try to get pics of the whole place and the examiner too ! .. and I think its Shiva who would be most approving :P

Manisha B said...

I say, go with a care-a-damn attitude. After all, you're only opening his and other minds to sexual liberties! Be proud of doing a good deed! As you know, Indian men are quite frustrated. ;) And if they're any good, I'll look out for some on my trip abroad next time! Lol!!