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Note : This post was written on 13th April but my laptop battery died and then I flew out to Thailand … Now that I’m back I can post it :)

P4100030Over the weekend of 10th April, I managed to escape out to Nashik (which is about 3 hours drive – 180 km from Bombay and also known as the Wine Capital of India) with some friends for a wine tasting at the Sula Vineyards and an over night trip.  It was by far absolutely beyond belief !

It was a cool road trip since we were 9 of us and split up in 2 cars.  Yours truly was the designated driver and honestly I wasn’t going to let anyone else drive my car. 

P4100031Here’s some of the pics that we captured on route to Nashik.  The landscape throughout the drive was very dry and almost desert like – which is the complete opposite of the drive to Lonavala which is relatively lush and green. 

I’m still wondering why I was so surprised to see random cows, bullocks and goats on the road.  You’d think I’d be used to such sights but I still get super excited when I see these animals on the road.  There was a man trying to convince a goat to cross the road by picking up the kid goatP4100042 and holding it out for the mummy/daddy goat to cross over !!  Wish I got a picture of that.

Another spectacle was this truck that had at least 15 people in the back – four of which were sitting on the ledge and one of them was standing.  They kept driving like this for about 40 odd kilometers.  We got quite a few waves and thumbs up motions when they saw my co-pilot maneuver himself to capture the photos.

Firstly our villa was called Beyond – and when they named this place – they weren’t kidding !  It’s one of the best private properties I’ve seen in a while out here.  The place was HUGE – with 3 bedrooms – all with en-suite washrooms.  It also came with 4 members of staff who cooked all our meals – so definitely worth the price we paid for it. 

P4100180 P4100181 The living and dining room was open plan and all had sliding windows leading out to the garden.  Both bedrooms on the ground floor had hammocks hanging outside so one could just chill out. 

P4110221 P4110225 It was an amazing feeling just to be able to relax and lie back on the grass – watch the sunset – whilst listening to the sounds of nature !  If you are based in India especially around the Mumbai area – then I highly recommend a stop over at this haven !

And now for my favourite photos from the trip ….. ta daaaaaa !

P4100164 P4100169


Sumit said...

Nice pics, and lol at the laden truck. :)

I'm also looking forward to getaways like this, once I land in Maximum City - MUMBAI!! :D

Dazediva said...

@ Sumit .. welcome to my blog :) where are you based at the moment ? can definitely let you know of similar getaways close by to Mumbai hehehe

Sumit said...

Hehe! I've been a regular of your blog for many months now. :P

I'm based in Chandigarh, but relocating to Mumbai for my job post-MBA.