My Guilty Pleasures

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I’ve been feeling really blah the last two days – been having trouble sleeping; am totally overworked and yet trying to find some ‘me time’ so as to be totally rested in time for my clients’ upcoming wedding.

Despite having had a migraine the whole day – I’ve been feeling kind of guilty that I couldn’t get as much work done that I wanted to.  I got to thinking about guilty feelings and ended up thinking of all the guilty pleasures that I’ve indulged in.

So here it is .. My Top 12 Guilty Pleasures ….

1.  Chocolate. Chocolate. and More Chocolate.

Give me any chocolate – milk, dark, white – and I’ll have it.  I’m a self-proclaimed dessert-holic.  I prefer desserts to main courses. 

 P1230040 P5170071 P6170139

2.  Ice Creamicecream

With lots of Hersheys chocolate syrup.  2 scoops of ice cream (vanilla & chocolate  chip) with enough Hersheys’ syrup to just spoon up once the ice cream is over.  Although I must say – having ice cream licked off your back is one of the most sensuous feelings ever !!! *sigh*

3.  Photography

It’s no secret. I love my camera.  It’s my addiction.  My sister labeled me Paparazzi and Paparazzo a few years ago.  Everyone calls me that.  They pretend to hate it when I take their pictures – but they are the first to tag themselves and complain if an album is not up on FB the next day.  Even my friends’ mum knows me as the FB Queen of Photos ! It’s a Sign ! hahaha I’ve managed to capture some really nice Mumbai Moments – not to mention lots of other views too :)

P5280013 PC310074 PC090016

pj shorts4.  Slipping on my PJ shorts & a tank top as soon as I’m in the room.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like dressing up unless I’m going out.  If I’m sitting at home – I want to be comfy – and that usually means getting out of my capris (I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in 2 years since moving to Mumbai – too hot!) and straight into a pair of PJ shorts.

5.  Bubble Bath. 

The last bubble bath I had was in April when my mate HS  took me for a ‘don’t think just relax’ weekend.  The only thing that can top a bubble bath – is a bubble bath with a very sexy young man, hint of a stubble, and a glass of bubbly too.  Damn it.  Now I wish I had a tub in my bathroom :(

Oh I’ve romanced an ex with a bubble bath & champers .. I’m still waiting for someone to give me one.

6.  Floating in the pool. 

floater 2 It’s an amazing feeling.  All sounds get drowned out.  It’s just you, and the water – becoming one.   Just a few weeks ago after my clients wedding, I managed to go for a dip and it was as if I was submerged in my secret life

7.  Being on the beach and by the oceanPB210192

I am a total water baby. I’m an Aquarian after all.  I could stare at the ocean all day.  I loved going snorkeling in Mauritius (even though I’m snorkelingscared of fish – yes – really I am) and was almost traumatized when my mate (and now ex boss) threw breadcrumbs which led to a large school of fish all charging in my direction ! And I got to see more than just a whale’s tail :)


8.  Manicures & Pedicures .. and Waxing too !  manicure

I’m not a girly girl – but I love my  trips to the salon.  It’s a few hours of just ‘me’ time me.  I love French manicures (yes those are really my nails). 

My sore feet need pedicures after the long hours of dancing. And I really don’t like having body hair

9.  Movie / TV Show marathon

Every now and then, I like being on my own and watching show after show – particularly CSI, Entourage & How I Met Your Mother.  All of this because of my cousin NC.  We’ve gone through ‘House’, ‘The Mentalist’ and enough movies lazing around on her couch. 


10.  Sandals.  Slippers. Any Foot Wear.  I am a total footwear fanatic. I have about 80 pairs of sandals.   It’s just a shame that currently all I’m doing is wearing flats =( damn that taxi !

11.  Handbags.  Which woman doesn’t love handbags ? I go out of my way to pick them up.  There was a time, I must have had all colours to go with outfits – and various styles.  These days – nothing has changed – except I am carrying more of my mums’ funky designer bags (which she’s donated to me – recession peeps!).  Fendi, LV, Gucci – I love you all !

12.  Scoping out Blogosphere

blogosphere There are so many fantastic bloggers out there. I’m constantly discovering new blogs; new ideas & ideologies.  In a way – I feel that blogging has made more ‘aware’ of everything around me – that there is this alternative realm outside of my immediate presence where actions & reactions occur simultaneously.  I’m more in tune with the universal spectrum and that is a different level of pleasure altogether.

That’s all the guilt that I’m holding on to … what about you ? What are YOUR guilty pleasures ? Come on – I’ve shared mine – it’s only fair that you tell me what yours are :P 

If you haven’t already done so – why don’t you make a list of your guilty indulgences and leave the link for me in the comments section so that the rest of the neighbours and I can drop by and check them out :)


Manisha B said...

Im with you on chocolates and slippin into PJ's at home! Besides those, Im guilty of collecting make up I never use, collecting phone numbers and never call (its a kick to get a guys number!) and takingforever in the shower. Ohhh how can I forget... Ive been guilty of staring at myself in the mirror endlessly...

Nandoism™ said...

what a great post. I think my #1 guilty pleasure is TV. When I should be working, you'll catch me curled up on my bed all snuggled in like a Mexican bug--and watch CSI,(all 3 of them) and also the Golden Girls.

SO then next time there isn't a blog posted on my site--you know why.

That--or I'm having gay sex.

Simone Grant said...

I share a lot of your guilty pleasures - chocolate, ice cream, pedicures... But my # 1 guilty pleasure would have to be french fries (or chips - I can go either way depending on which side of the Atlanta I'm on). Nothing beats the blues like deep fried potatoes.

Suzanne said...

What a terrific idea -- just thinking about my guilty pleasures has already made today better. Thanks for the reminder. What are mine? Watching E! television; reading InStyle magazine (cover to cover); sipping wine on some friend's back terrace or deck in the early summer evening, and; like you,chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Intermittently eaten between french fries.

Mike M said...

Awesome - there is a piece of me in most of your guilty pleasures - but my top ones
1. Being comfortable, shoes off, belt off - my slouch position at the PC or with the TV.
2. If at the TV - NCIS - my latest in crime solving dramas. CSI and L&O will do as alternates.
3. If at the PC - FB & twittering or gaming (World of Warcraft) The later can keep me occupied for hours.

LOST PLUM said...

Let's see, my guilty pleasures:
Marshmellows, Sleeping Naked, Cheese, AND Lipgloss (I can't go a month without buying a new type of lipgloss)

Dazediva said...

@Manisha .. You're a playa aren't ya young lady :P however I'm gonna go with you on that - it's a kick getting a guys' number; forgetting it until he calls you & then grinning to yourself when he does call heheh

@Nandoism .. awww - I've been drawing inspiration ;) I luv CSI:Vegas, followed by NY & Miami. And at least you're having sex. I'm deprived :(

@Simone ... Fries, Chips, skinny ones, chunky ones, topped with melted cheese, crispy salty ones .. dipped in ketchup ! I'm guilty for that too

@Suzanne .. Welcome to my blog :) I'm glad I was able to help your day in a tiny way :) Your guilty pleasure of sipping wine reminds me of when I lived in London, every few days over the summer, we would sprawl out in the back garden, drink wine & play poker ! I watched since I sucked at poker haha

@Mike .. Welcome to you too :) I'm definitely guilty of spending a lot of free time searching the blogosphere on my laptop whilst snuggled up in bed late into the night hehe

@LostPlum *sheepish grin* you're too sweet ! How could I forget cheese ! Used to have loads of wine & cheese parties; and always serve them for nibbles at parties. I'm guilty of sleeping naked only with a boyfriend; and that's been a while :(

I'm really chuffed that all of you have shared your guilty pleasures =) now we're all guilty ;)

Bombchell said...

Def Cheese!!!!!

hot pockets, quesidilla, queso dip, pizza, grilled cheese, tacobell cheese, cheese

The Other Voice.. said...

I have a ton of pleasures... not sure the "devil" in me will ever state them as "guilty".... why would it be guilt if it's soo good? i nominate a name change to devilishly delightful pleasures! i'm sure you can come up with a better name :p
either ways, not to ramble on... my numbah one "guilty" pleasure would be a fresh bedsheets, a warm comforter and tttttoooooonnnniiiiii!! mmmmm a girls' gotta luv her toys!

Dazediva said...

@Bombchell .. cheese is looking to be a favourite amongst us all :) and you had to say Taco Bell didn't you ! Damn .. I drove from Montreal towards Lake Ontario to get a taco bell once !

@Neh .. every girl needs a 'toni' hahah ! Like Monica says in Friends .. a 1-3-5, 7,7,7 again hahahah .. that my friend is a delightfully guilty pleasure :)

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm the same way when I get home. I can't wait to slip into my comfy PJs or at least sweats and a t-shirt. I have to bundle up right now because it's cold but in the summer, it's shorts and a t-shirt usually. It just feels better to put something comfortable gives you that second wind you need.

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Oh love,... pleasures and guilt... excellent combination!!

Chocolate,.. to eat and to have in male tall version. Anyday,.. combine also. With cream. Now that is pleasure.

Another is one toys. Vibrating ones! Ahahaha!!!

But waxing? Really girl? You are strange. Or kinky!
That painful ish is just a must, no pleasure from that!!

Fabulous great post!

Dazediva said...

@Stephanie .. Welcome to my blog :) Snuggling up in the cold with a hot cocoa or chocolate that melts in your mouth and a gorgeous man next to you .. daaaaaamn that is pleasure :)

@WSG .. I was wondering how long it would take you to admit your guilt :P Aaahhh yes, toys .. a girls best friend ;) Shame that I can't find any out here :( my b'day is coming up *hint*hint* hahaha

crazynigerian said...

whoa! i shd have read this post earlier. I know this comment is waaaaaaaaaaay overdue but i'm dropping it like its hot anyway. Hmm...guilty pleasures of mine - ice-cream (any brand of cookies & cream will do), bubble baths with efferverscent salts, ice-cold shandy (lemonade and beer), blogging of course, movies, snooker/pool, and doing 140km/hr on an empty highway (we don't have speed cameras in Nigeria yet ;))

Dazediva said...

@ CrazyNigerian .. drop it baby drop it ! I'm with you when it comes to driving top speed on an empty highway .. throw in some killer beats and you're pretty set !

sibi said...

Why should you be guilty? If everything is moderate, it is really pleasure. Good one!

Dazediva said...

@ Sibi .. thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment :) I agree its really just pleasure; however I'm guilty of having pleasure :P hehehe

vikram said...

As usual reading your blog left me on a high. Reading some secret desires makes me know u better. Will definitely share some desires at some stage. Actually we share some tastes like having chocolate/cakes and feeling cosy when I'am alone at home or about to jot down something. Value your views.