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Most of you already know about EntreCard and if you don’t – it’s basically being termed these days as ‘blogging currency’ and being seen on very popular blog sites.

Entrecard provides a unique way for you to market your blog.  It's purpose is to bring bloggers (and website owners) together through advertising widgets

It took me a while to understand the scenario but it seems to be a good way to advertise on other blogs too.  The sign up process is free and you must create your own Entrecard – which is like your Blog Business Card.  sporadic reflections copy

The card must be 125 x 125 and visually appealing (but have you noticed that not everyone has the same idea about appealing hehe).  Mine looks like this right here … what do you think ?

Once you do this, you can go and check out other blogs via the EC site itself and ‘drop’ your card on other bloggers.  You can also, purchase adverts using the credits you have gained by ‘dropping’ on other blogs.

I’ve only been on EC for a few months and perhaps in the first 2-3 weeks – was a happy dropper but as my work schedule got busier and I got more into blogging, I found that I didn’t always have the time to drop on other EC bloggers.  Of course I kept going over to the blogs I enjoyed but didn’t go out of my way to find new blogs to drop on.

Then again, the purpose of me using EC is not to monetize my blog nor some desire to be the best known blog etc – it was purely (a) an initial testing zone to see if my blog could be popular (we all have egos here !); and (b) another way of finding blogs  that I might like.

Coming back to the topic,  Fastest Way To Drop Entrecards … this is not easy if you are using the Entrecard site.  Sometimes it takes two clicks on an EC widget on blogs before it accepts your drop.

I happened to come across two websites that stated they could help you drop 300 Cards in about 15 minutes ! I thought it was a bit crazy at first, but then decided to check it out last week whilst I was still at home.

ecsmall The first one I found was over at IAmBuraot and it was pretty cool to be able to visit multiple blogs that I could read and do my EC drops on as well.  I found that the pages opened in multiples of 10 – which did make browsing a bit slow – but I got a chance to check out each blog; and if a blog link wasn’t working – it stated so.

The second one I came across -  just this morning in fact as  I was writing this post – is by VoiceofBraggI’m stilecdropclubl testing this one out – and it does work.  Although I did notice was that via this widget – the blog pages don’t show up i.e. I can’t read the blogs, nor do I know what type of blogs I am dropping on.  However it is a quick way of dropping cards. 

My Conclusion :

I do enjoy visiting new blogs; and what better way to find new blogs AND have my dose of dropping cards.  I suppose some people are only using these for ‘drops’ and don’t really ‘read’ the blogs … but hey, every newbie wants to figure out how to increase traffic to their blogs right ? In the process if they find a bandwagon of fellow bloggers who actually also enjoy their blogs and reciprocate drops – that’s never a bad thing. 

Check both the sites out and let me hear your feedback on it if you are an EC user.


WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Hate entrecard! With a passion! They rejected my blog, stating that my blog is not 'family friendly'! Well, yeah! Of course it is not family friendly!

Anyway, glad you get to promote your blog!

SITs is working well for me. Got most of my traffic via SITs.

Blogcatalog,.. well, if you are not part of the 'elite' clique,.. you just don't get traffic. And moi has never been able to do the clique thing. I totally so not getting the online clique thing.

Dazediva said...

@ WSG - how's it going sexy ? Aren't blogs meant to represent 'freedom of thought' ??

What's SIT ? tell us about it ... I'm on BlogCatalog; and I have a few 'followers' but not blog followers LOL .. don't even ask !

You should use or twitter (as much I don't like to - I'm on suspension for suspicious activity apparently!) to push your blog

I can't do cliques either ! Woohoo NON CLIQUERS

Chicky said...

Can you tell me a little bit more about this thing? Sorry... I'm a bit slow when it comes to catching up with the latest in blog marketing / social networking!

I get the part about creating a 125 by 125 logo for yuor blog. But what next? What exactly do you mean by "dropping your entrecard" and what exactly does it do for you? :-/

Dazediva said...

@ Kaddu ... ok so basically you need to register on this site which is free .. you make the 125x125 card .. now if you notice on my blog page, on the right - there's this 'blog of the day' with an Entrecard widget ... People can 'drop' their EC cards on my page by clicking the drop button .. and it shows up on my dashboard telling me who visited my page

It's just a way of increasing your blog traffic and presence .. and you get to read some cool blogs :) try it out

akd said...

nice info....I will try this..

cornyman said...

Hello Dazediva,

nice to see another blogger writing a good guide about EntreCard :)

Here is my big list where you will find many blogs which have some "fast-Dropping Lists".

I mention some additional tools, too. They help you in doing the job really faster.

How to drop Entrecards faster!

By the way, Voice of bragg is usually against EntreCard's Terms because the purpose is to visit the blogs.
In case EntreCard recognise this clicking... it might be the end of your account :)

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