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Over the last few days, the topic ‘everything happens for a reason’ has cropped up numerous times with different groups of people. 

I suppose I really started believing or acknowledging this theory after a chat with my mate SK – who also writes at Iguana Road … He’s the mad man that introduced me to the concept of metaphysics.

infinte universe Basically we are all specks in an infinite universe … There are various parallel universes co-existing simultaneously as our own.  As individuals, we can only see as far as our visual reach – we can only comprehend the actions of others that are visible to us – we only know our own life in and out and the obvious … we do not know what goes on in the day-to-day lives of our friends, family or colleagues once they are out of our present sight.

Those daily grinds that others experience are part of an alternate ‘universe’ beyond our own.  Now think about how many billions of people this takes place for.  That’s a huge spectrum to cover – and as far as we on an individual level are concerned – we aren’t able to digest that.

I’ve always believed that each of us lives in our ‘own universe’ … when I was a kid, sometimes I felt that that everything that happened in my life was like a book – that God was reading out.  With time – I still feel sometimes that my life is made up of various chapters and someone out there is getting a great read :)

To put it simply – we are a part of this broad spectrum called the universe – and our very existence is defined by the universal energies surrounding us.  In essence there’s nothing that is right or wrong – good or bad – there are just events which occur out of the actions of people and these events happen to anyone and everyone.

There is almost an unsaid predetermined set of events that are the consequences of our actions.  Someone famous – Newton- once said ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.  That’s pretty much how the universe works … well kinda if I have understood this correctly … actually maybe that quote doesn’t work too well LOL

All our actions and thoughts have an energy flow attached to them which the universe understands – the more positive energy we have – the universal energies come together for you .. and the more negative energy we have – the universal energies just move away from you …

So for everything we say, think or act out – there is a flow of energyuniverse comprehension which goes out there into the universe and attracts some sort of force which eventually finds its way back to us … good or bad depends on what we thought, said or did …

Maybe that’s why the concept of karma came into place.  Do good to get good right ?? If you get a chance to read Iguana’s blog – you might get a few more pointers out of it – and I didn’t want to do a copy & paste job … Ironically everytime I am motivated to write something inspired by SK – he happens to ping me online !!! that’s the law of metaphysics !

The thoughts we think are carried out and if we genuinely mean our thoughts – they will find a way to make things happen :)

If you want to really understand this concept then perhaps the book (which I have NOT read as yet FYI) The Universe and Multiple Reality by Professor M R Franks might bring some insight into the topic.  I came across it whilst browsing the net and will definitely have to pick it up.


Chicky said...

Yes. We are what we think we are. We create our own reality with our thoughts. Good post.

The lines "the more positive energy we have – the universal energies come together for you .. and the more negative energy we have – the universal energies just move away from you …"

I put it this way...
each thought vibrates at a particular frequency - the good as well as the bad - and we attract that same frequency of energy back from the Universe.

Unknown said...

hey...what is interesting is that line of yours - "Basically we are all specks in an infinite universe"...you'd realise that it has two dimnesions - external (as you have pointed out) AND INTERNAL (within one self)! The 'within' is as vast and deep and multidimensional as the 'without'...the rules (the ones we are aware of and also the ones that we are not) remain the same...implying a strong continuum!

Anonymous said...

Actually last week I had read an article where the scientists are pondering over the theory of multiverse (multiple universes)being true and that many other parallel universes might exist physically
and if its true then imagine where do we stand in this humongous design like you said "Basically we are all specks in an infinite universe"
Yet people try to become territorial in establishing 'their identities' ...

Poseidon Monacular said...

Nice post. Never thought I'd be reading so many posts about this sort of thing not long after posting my own take on something involving some of the same concepts.

The thing I have a problem with here is the karma theory. While it's likely true in principle, the time factor needs to be taken out of it. Good deeds are all well and fine, but if you look at it through karma eyes, it sometimes takes years, decades even, for those 'good vibes' to reciprocate back onto that person. Same goes for bad deeds/bad vibes. And to take it even a step further, some people will never see it in this 'lifetime.'

So basically, karma's fine, as long as you're not looking for an instantly gratifying symbiotic relationship with it.

N.C said...

im sendin out all the positive vibrations & energies for your world to still rock(even thgh vre still sad bout m.j.-linking & winking-comment for blog brain freeze)..coz baby u deserve the best!
p.s:have meditated & prayed today...so be prepared for some real awesomeness!!:)

Sunil Ahuja said...

My fb status today was "This must be one of those 'everything happens for the best' incidents that I keep hearing about."

Then I happened to click one of the links you posted on Twitter and landed on your blog. I don't know what the original post I was looking up was because frankly I got distracted and didn't read it. When I looked at this window again, this link caught my eye.

It was a nice, gentle reminder that it's all good and just what I needed to hear. :)