More Readers or More Comments ??

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I came across this question whilst browsing online for some much needed inspiration … I found it over at Jack Be Nimble Avenue and just had to write about it  ..

After a few months of blogging and about 2 months of actively promoting and pushing my blog via Link Referral .. I now have 44 neighbours here in Bloggerville …

Do you guys really come and read what I have to say ? Or do you just sporadically swing by ? I’d like to think that all of my neighbours come and wander by whenever they get a chance – maybe not immediately when they get my feed / alert; but at some point.  I know there are quite a few of you who regularly comment on my thoughts – which I highly appreciate :)  I like to reciprocate and do the same for you … Besides you guys have such interesting things to talk about …

For those who come by – and don’t comment – you guys are Lurkers !! commentsDon’t be grinning out there – my friend over at The Junk Drawer wrote in detail about Lurkers … check it out and let me know if you fit the profile :)

So what do you think is better ? More readers or more comments on your posts ? 

p.s. And NC – you must comment on this post otherwise I shall have to take you off the readers list ! See I mentioned you :P


Sumit said...

Wow, it's 'delurking' season everywhere. :D

Present, ma'am. I think I prefer more comments than more readers, because comments give me an extra perspective to look at. More readers just tend to make me feel 'famous'. :P

Btw, I do enjoy reading you blog, and your perspectives. I like the look and feel too, except for the oval shaped images.

Carol said...

Seeing that in our neighborhood we have not door and coffee to be drank I come with coffee in hand, ready to, get this, read your blog entry. I love your writing and your humor.

By the way, I love comments to and use the dashboard to see who has written. So, I spend about an hour everyday reading new posts.

Jack Steiner said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the link. It is the balance that I want.

I have been blogging for five years. During that time I have experienced swings in both directions.

There have been times where my readership has skyrocketed and times when comments on particular posts have been off the charts.

Strangely enough they haven't always coincided. But given the choice I'd like a few more readers and a few more comments.

Part of blogging is the interaction- without comments what do you have.

Abhishek Chopra said...

First time visitor, ma'm. Lovely theme!

I'd prefer more visitors at this stage because it tells me that my blog is getting more popular,at least.

Comments are highly precious too. But they will automatically come with popularity.

Hell, I can't decide. :D

Ginger said...

I've just read this one ja, although I'm not your neighbor yet ! so yes people reads what you have to say at least I did it

Chicky said...

Neither can I! :-/
I DO wish everybody in my follower widget had linkbacks to their own blog... right now I have so many 'unsolved-mysteries' at hand!

Dazediva said...

@ Sumit .. More comments is always good - the additional perspective just adds to our existing thought process and adds value to it I feel ... Oval pics hmm I have to see about that - I thought that was just in my preview 'cos when I check the main blog page it shows normal .. Do you notice the change in my current font ??

@ Carol .. So you are the reason I smell the sweet aroma of a thick fluffy coffee :) it makes my day knowing you have wandered by !!

@ Jack - you got it right; without comments what's the point !

@ Abhishek ... Welcome to the Neighbourhood !! Glad you are enjoying yourself at my door :) Don't worry the readers will follow - just keep dropping by other blogs and comment on them; and try to use Link referral if you can .. it really works

@ Ginger .. thank you for reading and commenting :) I love the name of your blog - Life in High Heels .. it's so me :)

@ Kaddu .. I agree - I wish some of mine did too .. let's petition this !!

Adolfo said...

Believe it or not, I actually read all of your posts when I have the time.

As far as the subject of readers/comments is concerned...

I would say that comments are far more important in that they provide feedback and allow the writer to know if she/he is doing a good job and know what they can improve on.

Dazediva said...

@ Adolfo .. Aww you read all my posts !! thank you !!! I've read all of yours too :) I luv how you find such cool topics ! I wish I read the paper more sometimes .. you've inspired me now heheh

And yes more comments do allow for some feedback and can help add on to your perceptions of a topic

Anonymous said...

I prefer comments, that is more interactive and helps me evolve too in blogging :)

Kathy said...

Sorry it took me a week to get back here, but it's because I do actually respond to all my comments, some later than others. But I do get there because it's so important to have exchanges with my readers. I do lurk on some blogs, but I comment on most (though not every time).

I love that people comment, more than I care about how many readers I have. Some bloggers ask me if I'd ever stop responding to comments if they ever got unmanageable. I guess "unmanageable" needs to be defined. So far, I'm able to keep up with every comment, even when they hit over 100 for any single post. Of course, I don't have kids, so my time is all my own and I can afford to do it.

Wow, that was a really long comment, wasn't it? I'll shut up now.

N.C said...

i wanna know what is this top commentator???& how come im not on that list!hahah

Susan Silver said...

I prefer comments. This is a big part of SEO, because it shows search engines you have relevant content.

If you advertise then you need to build your subscriber list so you have people to sell to. This is much harder with someone who just stumbles across your blog. You need dedicated readers who value your endorsements.

Overall I'd like a mix of both :D

Dina Thanki said...

First timer, came across your blog via a-z post.

I think i prefer more comments as at least it shows who actually reads posts. Although its great to have lots if subscribers too but what makes you think they read a blog after?

I like to have both, I like active subscribers.

Dazediva said...

Hey Dina - thanks for coming over and sharing your comment :)

I do prefer comments over 'subscribed readers' because at least I know those who are interacting with not just me but with others who comment on my blog.

Really liked your profile and design work and now following your blog as well. Would love to see what you've got lined up for the A to Z Challenge :)


sulekkha said...

I try and read all my favorite writer's posts but some days it's tough to do so. Enjoy reading your voice in your posts.
I like to see the reactions to my work and comments provide me with a honest feedback, I have learnt a lot by reading the comments on my posts.