2013. New Year.

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Perhaps I won’t start off this post with the conventional New Year Greetings.  I’m pretty sure you’ve read enough of those all over blogosphere and various other social networks.  I don’t watch the news, but channels would be playing new year greetings galore !

Wow. It’s 1st January 2013.  Do you know what this means ?beach-cottage-blogging-tips-535x625

Ok so not really a ‘new blog’ but my blog did get a bit of a make-over so it almost makes it a new looking blog right ?


This New Year, this lil’ Diva has taken the plunge and is getting ready to take on the Ultimate Blog Challenge for the 3rd time ! Unlike the last time I haven’t really given much thought to a theme that I may want to use for the course of this months’ challenge.  The first challenge in January 2012 was quite sporadic in terms of content; whilst the October 2012 challenge was more organized i.e. I used ‘quotes’ as the inspiration behind each of my posts.  Are you going to be taking part in the Challenge ? Have you got a theme behind your posts for the month ?


On that note, I’m going to wish you all a Very Happy & Prosperous 2013 … I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me =)