The Diva’s Rushed Rambles !

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It’s been a crazy few days for me.  I’ve just returned from a super hectic trip with NB – Delhi & Amritsar- and managed to survive on a 12 hour train journey !! I actually had a few blog posts written up in advance and were all meant to go on auto-publish (including a juicy piece on crushes) but Windows Live Writer had other plans for me and none of my posts got published.  Damn. Damn. Double Damn.

It’s been ages since I put up a Wordless Wednesday post; and honestly have missed doing that.  The point of a WW is to share photographs of something that has caught your attention; and also allows some bloggers time to put their actual thoughts together for posts and yet keep their readers entertained on the blog.   I’ve used the WW platform to express any thoughts / emotions / feelings that come about when I see certain images and hope you enjoy them too.  You can check out my latest WW post ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’ for starters and tell me what you think !

After my Topless Treat in Bombay a few months ago – I developed a ‘crush’ after the longest time ! Last Sunday I took the bull by the horns and confessed to The Roadside Romeo that I had a huge crush on him ! And whilst waiting for his reply – it inspired me to write a post titled ‘Crush 101 : Confess or Deny’ .. this was a post that didn’t get published (but has been published but its 2 posts behind this!! don’t ask) – so make sure you check it out and share your thoughts with me =)

To top things off – my very first ‘guest blog post’ has been published !! I got approached 2 weeks ago by Skye (one of the 3 awesome writers that created ‘’) who asked if I would like to write a guest post for their blog.  I was jumping with joy and said yes immediately ! And then whilst writing the post – the nerves came about – but with the support of my Twitter friends – I managed to hit ‘send’ and waited for Skye to give me her feedback on my post.  It’s published now and titled ‘Putting My First Time Into Perspective’, so if you have a few minutes – do hop over and check it out and share your thoughts on the MAF blog.

Yesterday was a horrid day for me – everything that could go wrong was going wrong and it was messing with my head.  It gave me a splitting headache as well.  And if things couldn’t get worse – woke up this morning to the news of the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan !! I have 3 friends in Japan – I hope they are okay as I can’t get through to them at all !!


Anonymous said...

hope your friends in japan are fine!! will definitely be saying a prayer for everyone there!

Dazediva said...

@ Prutha ..I hope they are too *hugs* will definitely keep all those in Japan in my thoughts & prayers

N.C said...

Firstly, prayers & thoughts for all those you know in Japan and the ones you dont too.God Bless!Secondly, always amazed with the Diva whether at work or play!I can confidently say you a super multi-tasker...and howwww!!Congrats on being listed #20 on the Indian FollowFriday see all the rushing rambles didnt leave you in shambles!THOUGH you should slow down a bit...REST MEDITATE VEGETATE TO REJUVENATE!....XXX