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New Age Taxi

Whilst on my way to work on Wednesday, I ended up in a totally funky taxi !  He even had a radio in the car (seriously it’s a bonus if you ever find a cab with a radio!); and Red & Black Leather / Pleather covers on the seats … I felt like I was riding in a mate’s car !

To top it off – the radio turned out to be a CD player AND had a pretty neat sound system at the back … I had to take some pics of the taxi …

Black & Red Leather Taxi


Funky Sound System in Taxi 

Here’s to hoping that all of Mumbai taxis are converted to be as funky as this one :)


Sumit said...

Awesome! Amen to your wish for more such taxis.

Luggage for sale said...

it's good for you. lage raho india.....


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