What’s the Point ?

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"We look at each other wondering what the other is thinking but we never say a thing"

I came across this quote and quite liked it – also do quite agree with it as well.

Now to add my two bits to it … Do you ever feel that that sometimes when you share some sort of chemistry with someone – that you can both look at each other, wander what he / she is thinking, and you have your own thoughts going on through your mind, and instead of saying what your thoughts are – you end up saying something else completely. It might be something off the topic, it might be a cruel way with words, it might be sarcasm, it might be flirtatious – but it's not exactly what's on your mind …. Has that ever happened to you ?

I am one of those people that tends to blurt out what's on my mind – regardless of how it might affect the person it's directed to – not because I'm an inconsiderate person but moreover because I'm quite an honest person that way. There's no sugar in my words … they tend to come out spicy without me necessarily meaning for it to be that way. Of course over the years I've learned to control my sharp tongue and have managed to sweeten my words with certain peer groups so as to avoid unnecessary tension. However I still find that sometimes – I just slip back into my old self and say what's on my mind.

This can be a good thing – and a bad thing .. really depends on the situation. For instance, the other night, I met this person who I've known for months, and somehow I just feel that the two of us have never really communicated what 'we really want' to each other … it's always a play of words … like a mind game almost … Don't get me wrong – I can play mind games with the best of them – but what's the point ?

This has gone on for months now, back and forth – almost like a hide-and-seek game – each one trying their turn and ultimately ending up in a Catch 22 situation. At least that's how I feel about the whole thing ! I've gone on to express this exact thought to the concerned person but sometimes it just feels like my words have gone in one ear, and left out the other ear.

Is there any point in pursuing what could be an acquaintanceship, a friendship, a relationship (business or personal) when the process of actually starting one of these so-called relations just stretches beyond a reasonable time frame ? What does one do when that happens ?