A thought or two …

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I don't even know where to begin .. and here I am trying to pen down my thoughts.

There's so much history and background to be given for one to even understand where my current thoughts are coming from. I'm not quite sure if I should go into the background or just get on with my current thoughts.

Now that makes me think – is it necessary for one to know of the background, history and thought process behind a statement for one to fully understand what the other person is actually saying or trying to communicate across ? It's probably true – however it's almost impossible to always know the processes that an individual uses to actually communicate a thought.

So does that imply that none of us are actually able to fully comprehend what another person is trying to say to us ? There are numerous people out there who tend to fragment their thoughts when putting it into actual speech … unless they are talking to like-minded people, there's a high chance that those around wouldn't actually understand what the hell that person was trying to say. It's almost like reading these thoughts right now …

You don't actually know what I want to communicate … why did I start this note ? what was the purpose ? If I told you that I wrote the first 3 paragraphs day before yesterday and just picked up from the previous paragraph today as I'm sitting here at work waiting for a colleague as I'm hitching a ride today .. wouldn't you wonder what the hell was I thinking when I actually started writing the note ?

Something actually happened last night when I went out – I'll probably write about it later at some point when I'm more calm about it .. but last night … Oh my god ! I just wanted to get inside the head of the person and yank at the part of the brain that was actually trying to communicate with me in the most unconventional way !

I think I'll stop now … It'll just get too confusing …. But when we meet in person one day – maybe you'll understand.