Special Delivery of The Crazy Nigerian

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Don’t you just love getting a special delivery parcel ?  The excitement of receiving something out of the blue, it makes you feel just like a kid doesn’t it ?  That’s exactly how I felt when I eventually got around to answering the persistent ringing of my door bell !


I’m a big fan of actually receiving something personal in the mail (other than the usual bills!) and on seeing the UK post mark – my heart practically skipped a beat. 

Here’s what I got …

PB110351  PB110352

My very own copy of The Crazy Nigerian !! AND it was autographed as well !


I’m an avid book reader and honestly, this is an incredibly funny book filled with the trials & tribunes of a young lad topped with his crazy adventures which you will not be able to put down once you start  ! I had the privilege of being able to read it prior to publishing and I was cracking up throughout the book.   The Crazy Nigerian is available on soft paperback and has an E-book version available on Authorhouse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  If books don’t work for you – then you can swipe away on your iPads or Kindles as well.  


Once you’ve had a read – feel free to drop over to The Crazy Nigerian blog and leave your feedback there or drop him a note on Twitter on @dcrazynigerian