In Need of Inspiration

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Desperately actually.


The summer has seen this Diva be a bad blogger.  I just completely neglected my blog ‘cos I was busy having an absolutely fabulous summer jet-setting around the world to meet my friends.

Then I got back on track because I’ve always found solace in my blog.  It’s the perfect outlet for me to express all the things running through my mind.  There’s too much going on for me to contain it all.

Last month was a great because I got to take part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for October 2012 and I actually got in 31 posts in 31 days ! Round of applause please !

For the last 11 days, I’ve been wanting to write but I can’t quite get the words out.  My screen is a blank slate and there’s no pencil / crayon / marker to scribble with !

So for those of you who take the time to read my blog – how about hitting me up with some inspiration ? I could really use it right now !