Summer Lovin In NYC

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I had forgotten how much fun a summer fling (or romance if you want to be nicer) could be.  I’m the type of person who has almost always been in a relationship of some sorts (except after moving to India where I was deemed by the relationship Gods that singledom had more to offer)  The last time I just casually dated was back in university .. a decade ago !

My summer in the New York and Montreal somehow transported me into this other era.  Everywhere I went, people asked me which university I was at – and that was downright flattering.

A Sunday Shooter session (yes we’re talking Tequilas and Sambucas in the middle of the afternoon) resulted in me meeting a very charming young man (and by young I mean 23 years old!).  The day after we met, he dropped me a text and asked when he could call me.  He suggest meeting up and we finally worked out a date for the day before I was due to head out to Bermuda.

By far – that had to be one of the most fun dates I’ve been on in a long time.  We met up at Madison Square Garden and made our way to the Battery Park, took some pics with the Wall Street Bull (him being a New Yorker had never done this!) and some frozen yogurt; hailed a cab to South Street Sea Port for a few drinks, another cab to the East Village for shisha at this lil’ hideaway called Khyber Pass, then we walked around through the streets of Soho .. by now I’m famished and he has a surprise up his sleeve ..508 Gastro Brewery ! This was an absolute gem of a restaurant – cozy & intimate with a great menu and fab cocktail selection.  After dinner we walked around the pier at the river.  He came back to my apartment to help me move my suitcases to the Upper West Side and then made sure I got back home as well (seriously, who does that nowadays ?)  And that was just our first date. 


I left for Bermuda the following morning and much to my surprise (and delight) he was in touch with me; so much so that he had a date planned for when I got back.  Brownie points to him on that ! The second date was just as nice (he carried my shopping for me – how sweet is that?) and so was the third.  Unlike most dates these were ‘full day’ dates that lasted no less than 12 hours at a time !! I can’t remember the last time I wanted to spend that many hours with a guy.

In the short time that we spent together, he managed to show me the small joys that go hand in hand when it comes to dating someone new.  It was the small gestures such as opening the door for me, feeding me a spoonful of his own dessert (any man that shares dessert deserves major plus points), holding my hand whilst we walked or even just dropping a kiss on my cheek because he felt like it … Such a gem of a guy and a gentleman to boot (guess I got lucky here).  It really does come down to the little things doesn’t it ?

New York definitely showed me some lovin’ …

p.s. 6+ weeks later, he’s still in touch with me =)