Geeks vs Nerds Infographic

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guest postAt first blush, there seems to be little difference: Nerd or geek. What does a name matter? Both geeks and nerds are intelligent, often socially awkward and interested in obscure topics, right? Wrong. For geeks and nerds alike, there's a lot in a name.

Nerds find their origins in a Dr. Seuss rhyme – "A nerkle, a nerd and a seersucker too!" Nerds are more interested in academics and usually have specialized but often impractical skills. You are likely to find them watching Battlestar Galatica and Lord of the Rings and playing away on a PC.

Alas for self-identified nerds, geeks are more appreciated by the public at large. People see geeks as cool early adopters of new technology, a good person to troubleshoot your computer and even possibly a successful professional. Geeks can be found watching Arrested Development and Anchorman (really anything with Will Ferrell) and playing with their iPad.

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