Music Monday #30: Sean Kingston – Fire Burning

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With the way my weekend was – it really was as if there was fire burning !! NC and I got home on Saturday night after an event at the new lounge we’re managing and damn our feet were on fire !!! We could not walk .. it was painful to even attempt … and in the morning our feet were still burning up !!!

That’s the sign of a perfectly fab night out and a successful event !!! So please excuse the fact that I’m a day late in putting up my #MM track. 

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Bill said...

somebody call 911 there is Diva on fire here LOL. Nice choice for MM. You go girl dance up the storm.

Dazediva said...

@ Bill ... ROFL !! I've been dancing up quite the storm actually the past few weekends :) hope you have a great week !

Namz said...

Oooops sorry can't view. Happy MM!

LadyJava said...

Cant view the video..
Happy MM!