Topless Treat in Bombay

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I ended up dropping the Roadside Romeo back to his office perhaps around 1 a.m; where we continued to have a highly stimulating conversation whilst being double parked on the main road.

Before parking up – the car had been on a slow cruise – and out of the corner of my eye I see a few men crossing the road .. not the type of men I’d want to see walking around exposing themselves but none-the-less there they were walking around like wannabe ‘cool’ guys .. a paunch, hairy chest, and what could only look like greasy hair is NOT my idea of cool or appealing !!

Of course I voice this opinion loud enough for my cute companion to hear .. who then proceeds to get out of the car; strut this very fine behind and literally whisks his t-shirt off !!

man topless Mans-Profile-524289

daaaaaaaaamn – what a treat to my eyes !! Yes ! and he was just as much eye-candy as these two above (I did cheekily ask if I could get a picture of his back – alas – I’m still waiting for ‘what could be more’) After a few minutes of cat-calls from me whilst he’s busy strutting his stuff; and a few leching rickshaws who slowed down to pay attention to this topless treat strutting down the main road .. he gets back into the car (with the t-shirt on !! damn it !)

Now that certainly brought a smile to my face :) and a perfect way to end 2010 !

Maybe the next time the Roadside Romeo decides to visit – I can get another topless treat (and this time – I will keep my camera handy to capture the moment!)


Anonymous said...

LOL!! You are the only woman I know (albeit virtually) with enough panache and guts to pick up a random dude on the street! Specially keeping in mind this is Mumbai, not Manhattan!!

Dont think I wanna see topless treats of this variety, but I hope you get your jollies the next time around!! ;)

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. heheeh well it kinda helped that the 'random' was not Indian, super cute, well dressed and had the look that I tend to go for :P

Yeah yeah I know what kind of topless treats you want :P

Anonymous said...

Whew!! Now it makes sense actually!! Cant imagine a smart chick like you picking up a regular 'tapori'!! ;)

and hey.. as far as topless treats go, I resent the generalization!! Not that I have anything to say in my defense, but I resent it all the same!! ;D