Wordless Wednesday #18 We All Need Ice Cream

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I had taken this picture on 16th May ‘10 near the Gateway of India after my girlfriend Sabu and I had returned from the Elephanta Caves.  It was sooo hot that even the doggy needed to cool off with some ice cream !!


Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Our huskie would love to be fed icecream :P The caves sound very interesting. I love your outfit. A fantastic look for warm weather wear.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Everyone loves ice cream! And now I;m seriously craving it!

Happy WW!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

AVCr8teur said...

The doggy loves the ice cream too much to care he's almost about to fall into the water.

Dazediva said...

@ Sukhmandir .. welcome to my blog :) Where do you live ? Huskies are gorgeous !! My neighbour in Montreal used to have one :)

oh and that's not me - some random lady on the street with her dog :)

@ CPD aka Rainforest Mommy .. I had a bowl of ice cream with Hersheys chocolate syrup soon after I posted this pic ... there's a heat wave going on in Bombay ! I really liked the arresting views you put up :

Happy WW to you too !

@ AVCr8teur ... exactly !!! he was so cute just licking away at the ice cream that my friend & I got paranoid thinking he was about to fall in the water !

Anonymous said...

Orange & Mango Candy bars.. now thats an icecream to beat the heat with!! btw.. thats a kulfi she's feeding her dog, not an icecream ( incase you snobbish ex-NRI's didnt know!)

and yeah.. I LOVE your outfit too!! LMAO! ;)

purplepatch said...

teeehhee - its a malai kulfi to be specific. And I want this dress too, i want!..Now Ve are being bitches.

I love the doggy expression lol...kinda similar to when I spot some colored shots or new dress or chocolates

Anonymous said...

@purple.. shots eh? and how many does it take to get you..umm.. happy? ;)

and I object! Ve are not being bitches at all.. Ve are simply appreciating the finery of Daze's apparel!

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. erm BITCH :P and I am aware that it is a kulfi (not all NRI's are snobby you know) I used the term ice cream so that everyone could understand it :P now stop nitpicking hahahahah

I'm all for the mango ice creams .. *drool* .. don't like orange though .. its to tangy for my taste for ice cream ... unless you count Baskins' Rainbow Sherbert :)

@ PurplePatch .. really you want it ? for you I will find it and send it to you :P hahah although had I really had to wear that during the May heatwave - I would be writing from my grave now !!

I'm with you on the expression ... show me some nice shots (have you ever had a BJ shot with cream btw?) or chocolates or sandals with deadly heels ... I'm an instant happy puppy hehehe

@ Ve .. admire my booty instead punk :P

purplepatch said...

@ Captain - I am happy as sooooon as I see them darn shots, flying by the 3rd and full entertainment thereafter :D

Beam me up, Scotty!

and ya lets appreciate the Boutique on display here - way 'cooler' than the dress (which I probably already maybe have somewhere in my junkyard eeesssh)

@ DD - BJ with cream - I like it already lol. Havent tried them - I need to parttayy with you gurrl

still in search for the perfect pair of sandals/shoes...so yaah i get that! I miss good shopping here :(

I love it how 3 of us can convert any innocent picture into everything amusing.

Anonymous said...

@daze..who you calling bitch, BITCH?? LOL While I like to think of myself as evolved enuff to look into a woman's eyes when talking to her, credit me with having my fair share of testosterone as well please!! If you remember, I brought up the 'Boutique' issue a good while ago, and was pleasantly surprised to know that you possess more than just a great mind! Im not here strictly in appreciation of your fine literary skills, you know... we boys need our visual stimuli too!! ;) Rest assured, despite my limited view of the complete package.. your bootyliciousness has not gone unnoticed!!:D

yeah I have to agree.. we all need to parttaay with daze! Honestly, I've never been as hooked on to a blog, as I am here... and I totally love the mindless chatter that we indulge in too!! :)