Wordless Wednesday #4 – Empty Spaces

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Empty spaces

As soon as I saw this photo – I was utterly captivated and magically transported to the shores of the beach and could feel my feet getting splashed with salt water.   The photo was taken by JJJohn in Manduria, Italy. 

Thought I’d try something different since I’m still new to this .. I’d love to know your answers to the questions below :)

  1. How do you ‘feel’ you see this image ?
    • I’m drawn in by the horizon.  I want to sink the soles of my feet in the sand and feel the water trap them in.  I want to spread my arms and embrace the winds and salt water air and feel my hair blown away.  I want to feel the power of nature. 

That’s my answer.. what about yours ? 

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Shannon said...

I just want to be there. My life is crazy busy right now, and for the next two months. I would love a day to just lay on the beach and relax.

Thanks for visiting cyberbones. The rear view mirror picture was taken at a tank Museum in Dorset England as we were trying to find the parking lot, while the sign was a few miles down the road. I spotted it while passing by a military installation near Lullworth.

ilovepink said...

I love this photography. qiute and relaxing

Beth F said...

Beautiful! That is so dramatic and B&W was definitely the way to go.

BK said...

I just feel like running through all that sands!

Anonymous said...

What a great day for pictures! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

I hope mine makes you giggle! If you love it, please leave a comment and link up (or not) and I hope your day is as great as I hope mine will be! :)


Dazediva said...

@ Shannon ... I hope you find some time to take a breather :) glad to have found your blog

@ Ilovepink .. it is quite peaceful isn't it .. thanks for dropping by :)

@ Beth F .. if only I could capture nature shots that way ! its not my photography but I do love B&W pics :)

@ BK ... run through the sand and straight into the water :)

@ Julie .. thanks for dropping by and I've seen similar zombie bunnies before hehe

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Gorgeous pic.

What do I feel when looking at a pic? That is gorgeous,..

What story does it bring to mind?

The emotional turmoil within boiled over and left a deserted empty soul.

Ok, that would be a rough concept for a story for my series,..
Habits, habits...