A Novel Idea ....

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.... I think I should write a book ... why you might ask ... because I think it would be bloody brilliant that's why and a best seller too =)

I don't think I've ever really had what most would call a 'regular, normal, average, day' ... every day, every week, something or the other seems to happen ... it's just not 'normal' .. it shouldn't happen to someone ALL the time !

Even though I can barely keep up with my blog thoughts - if I put my mind to it - I'll pull off one of those best-seller, award winning titles which could be made into a movie and it would possibly captivate an audience that is looking for that sense of adventure & thrill or to those that are trying to escape from the realities of every-day life !

So even though I should be drafting my first few para's for this new wish-list book - I'm still typing away here ...

Enough .. I shall leave now since I also have to run to the other side of the city and battle out morons on the road just to see my niece & nephew, and attend a BBQ ... but more on the novel later !