I Wanna Party …

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cos it’s my birthday !!!  Okay so it’s not really my birthday today … but it is coming up on 23rd January and I am super excited about ! My birthday what-sign-is-compatible-with-aquariuscould definitely be classified as one of my guilty pleasures !
I love my birthday – and organizing it even more !  My birthday tends to be a drawn out affair – a minimum of 3 days of celebrating : the day before, the day off, and the day after.  After all – I am an Aquarian =)
Last year I’d booked a bungalow out in Lonavala (about 100 km out of Mumbai and a good 2.5 hour drive) which is also considered a hill-station.  I was quite impressed with the turn out of about 6 guests.  My bartenders were stunned at the amount of alcohol we consumed ! The party went from 6 p.m to 6 a.m with the last guest arriving at 3:30 a.m !
This year is going to be no different.  In November I got it into my head that I ‘want to’ have a ‘pool party’.  Sounds like no trouble right ? WRONG ! It’s practically impossible to find a good bungalow / villa with private pool that can be hired within the city.  Sure there are some – but they are quite far off and the snail-paced traffic is enough to deter most people from attending !
I have driven close to 400 kms between Sunday & Monday … all for the sake of finalizing the perfect bungalow (with a pool of course) to hold my 28th birthday … and I finally found it.  On my drive back home – I thought about how I have been wanting to start writing tips for wedding planning .. so why not also note down tips for general party planning.
So while I try to sort my party out over the next few days – I’ll leave you guys to read up on 7 Things To Do for a Great Party !


Anonymous said...

pool party!!! sounds like tons of fun!!! :D
happy planning!! ;)