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Terrace Haven

Note:  I wrote this post on 28th May but only managed to upload it this morning

I am sitting on my maternal grandparents terrace which overlooks the sea face .. their house is located in an area aptly named Worli Sea Face …

I love chilling out on this terrace … it’s huge !! In terms of space – at least 75 people could hang out here with a full blown bar hehe but I am side tracking …

I’ve been sitting here for the past 2 hours and just enjoying the sounds of the sea; hearing the waves crashing against the rocky shoreline; and feeling the light breeze against my skin.

I managed to take a few pictures … what do you think ?

P5280006Isn’t the view just stunning ??  Whenever I am here – I feel like I am not in Bombay.  It’s as if I am away from the dirt and grime of an over populated city and have been transported elsewhere. 

It’s just really nice to be out here … I am a nature lover and have always loved the water … If the sea was cleaner and not so dirty – I would have enjoyed taking a dip in the water … but alas you don’t always get what you want …

The time has flown by – and I’ve not coughed too much; even had a light  dinner out here – a traditional dish which can only be perfected at my grandmothers’ house – so a source of comfort for me =)

Check this photograph out … I basically had to lie down flat on the terrace and angle the camera upwards so as to be able to capture P5280014the palm tree, clouds and the moon.  Of course the moon was more crescent and since I’m not using a professional camera it looks like it is more full than crescent – but I still think it’s a really cool picture :)

Maybe I needed this ‘breath of fresh air’ to get out of my sick-mode … I’ve been ill so many days now – that I feel that I have forgotten what it is like to be outside .. since I’m not really allowed to go out and walk around etc.  Damn ! I should have come here sooner !


Adolfo said...

Beautiful landscape indeed.

Kaddu said...

WOW! Really beautiful plc to recuperate! What were u down with though? Hope u r all well now!

Dazediva said...

@ Adolfo really is beautiful; kinda takes you away from the worries of the daily grind

@ Kaddu .. much better now thanks - had a battle with a viral flu and throat infection

silentlyexpress said...

lovely snaps...worli seaface continues to be a great place to just sit down and relax :)


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