Lost and Found

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.... and I'm trying to find time to actually create a new blog post.

Yesterday, was an ordinary day compared to most days - but when I reflect back on it - was it really ? NC & I finished up at the office after working on a presentation that seemed to be able to generate more information than one could actually collate and summarize ! We stepped out; and asked the security desk if my car had come out to the front.

Backtracking a little - in our office complex, there is space for employee parking which is a couple of hundred meters away from the actual office and amidst this barren landscape currently being used a parking complex of sorts. It's always dusty out there; and the never ending construction ensures that all cars are covered in a thin (if you're lucky) layer of grit. If one ever decides that they need to clean up the windshield; the muddy residues is what would welcome you !

Back to what I was saying - so yes, since the parking spot is quite far off and my regular driver has now been officially fired (no it wasn't because of recession but more for his rudeness & inability to inform me that he would not be coming into work !!) - it's quite a walk in scorching temperatures; whirlwinds of dust; construction workers staring at every passing female like a piece of meat; and not to mention the handful of items that I have to carry on a daily basis - the essentials - laptop; handbag and lunch !

The security guards at my office are really sweet - and happily offer to park my car once I pull up to the main office and then on some days when I'm lucky - they even arrange for one of the other drivers to bring my car back up front before I'm ready to leave for the day ... *sigh* ... one of the perks of being in Mumbai ...

Anyway my point was that yesterday was not one my lucky days and the guards asked me to make my way to the car park and get my car as there were no drivers around - which is not a problem at all - so both NC and I walked off having a chat - and carried all our things with us (despite my suggestion of leaving it in the office lobby and coming back with the car so that we wouldn't have to carry it) ... Crossing into the car park - we notice that one whole side has been dug up (this city is forever under construction!) - nevertheless we plod on and head towards the general direction where my car would normally be parked ... we get the LAST row of the damn car park !!!

It's quite dark out here - there are no lights - and with all the construction work and dust flying around - we can't see my car .... hit the unlock button on my keys and no sign of any light anywhere ... we walked around a little bit and the whole time - I'm looking at NC saying 'great where the f**k is my car ?? seriously how does one lose a car ??' ...

NC who is forever on her spiritual trip - kept telling me not to worry and that I was doing a good job not getting mad at anyone ... so we decided to walk back to the office and figure out where the car was ... Get back to the front door and another guard says 'oh madam - but your car is just here on the side' ... that ofcourse got my blood rushing so we walked over to the side of our office and still NO CAR !! ...

Where oh where could my little car be ?
Where oh where is thee ?

Yup - I've bunged up the nursery rhyme but that's how I felt !!!

The guards are now in slight state of panic and confusion and telling me to relax and that they would go and find the car .... we both have a seat in the lobby and are just waiting .... I need to let out some frustration so instead of raising my blood pressure - I decide to munch on an apple (healthy option yeaaaah)

I think we were there for about 10 minutes or what felt like about half an hour - and eventually my car turned up ! They found my car =)

What a relief !! Turns out due to construction work - the parking spots were moved around and my car had been parked up on one side of the complex that I would never have thought to go and check out !

Which reminds me - the guards parked my car again for me today - I better call them and ask them to bring it out front for me otherwise it'll be lost again !!


N.C said...

hahaha...like the blog name!perfect!funny one!!hope the car waiting outside right now!today you have lotsa other stuff to carry out too...haha..the bag of dvds!...ok ok ok ..dont stress its there!!

Tangerine said...

hee hee
good that ur car wasnt actually stolen. look at it this way... u now have a lovely story to tell!

Anonymous said...

I also had a company driver once who came out with the most creative excuses as to why he did not show up at work. Glad you found your car! Don't lose your temper please...you'll get early wrinkles ;)