People You Should Never Invite To Your Wedding

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Creating the guest list for your wedding can be one of the most challenging tasks you need to complete. A dress? A venue? They are simple decisions when compared to deciding who you want to include in your big day. You don’t want to leave anyone out, and you don’t want to invite everyone. To make things a little easier, here are the people you should never invite to your wedding.

Your Ex-Boyfriends/His Ex-Girlfriends

It’s surprising how often brides and grooms have a difficult time deciding whether or not to invite their exes. It should be a no-brainer. If inviting your ex isn’t uncomfortable for you, it will be uncomfortable for your husband and anyone else who knew you two as a couple. What are they supposed to say to someone you used to love? You might be genuinely good friends with your ex, but they still shouldn’t get an invite. This is a time to celebrate your forever love – former loves not included.

The Co-workers who Annoy You

If you have a few good friends at your job, you might want to invite them to your wedding. If you invite your good work friends, you might be obligated to invite everyone else from your office as well so no one feels left out. Don’t do it. This is your wedding, and you shouldn’t invite anyone you don’t enjoy spending time with. If you don’t want them to feel left out, just avoid talking about your wedding while you’re at work.

Friends You Haven’t Talked to in Years

Maybe you had a close college roommate you did everything with, or close friends you used to talk about your dream weddings with. When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get nostalgic and want to invite everyone who is or was important to you. If you haven’t talked to these friends for years, you shouldn’t invite them to your wedding. It’s a little weird to decide that the first contact you’re going to have with them in a long time is sending them an invitation to your wedding.

People Your Mom Wants You to Invite

If you have a mom who is super excited about your wedding, she probably has a guest list already created for you. She is so happy for you that she wants to share her joy with all the important people in her life, even if they’re kind of irrelevant in yours. You shouldn’t feel obligated to invite anyone just because someone else in your family wants them there. It is about what you want, and everyone you invite should have a direct connection to you.

Your Friend’s Brand New Boyfriend

When you’re inviting single friends, you have to make the decision of whether or not to allow them to bring a date. If you understandably don’t want to pay to have people at your wedding that you barely know, you won’t allow dates other than people in well-established relationships. If your best friend suddenly gets a new boyfriend she wants to bring along, don’t invite him just because she asks you to.

alishaAlisha White, recently married at a gorgeous luxury resort in Mexico, knows all about inviting the wrong people to weddings.  She is also a school teacher and freelance writer who loves to give advice on subjects she knows well.

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