Choosing the Right Villa to Get Married in Tuscany

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A Tuscan wedding is a very much desired experience to tie the knot in an unforgettable way. There are many Tuscany villas and gorgeous settings in the region offering an idyllic location for both your wedding ceremony and celebrations. Some properties are large enough to welcome the newly wedded and all their guests. It is the perfect solution for an intimate wedding with friends coupled with celebrations and a honey moon in Italy. When it comes to it, however, choosing the perfect property in Tuscany for the perfect wedding isn't easy! There are many criteria you have to take into account, but the most crucial ones are the season you want to get married in, how many guests you have, and whether you should consider hiring a local wedding planner.


How Many Guests Do You Have?

If you are considering to enlarge your wedding party from just you very best friends and family members, it is fundamental that your desired Tuscan villa has enough comfortable room for everyone. This is going to be a vacation you are offering to your dear guests. Some have children, some may not be very fond of one another. You have to consider that just a bed-count might not fit the needs of the group. You cannot just group people that do not belong together under an intimate accommodation. So make sure everyone will be happy with their arrangements. Fortunately, Tuscan villa owners are very helpful with this, and will sort the room arrangement for you. In case your wedding is going to be really grand, then you may need extra properties in the area. Some owners have castles and nearby apartments. In other cases you will need to arrange two or more separate accommodations.

The Right Season

The months with the fairest weather in Tuscany are those going from April until October, while from June to September you have the high season when most weddings are celebrated. These are the months you should avoid, since they are the busiest, most crowded and expensive. It is harder to find suitable villas during the peak months, while all other service providers are less available and more stressed out. It is true that chances of getting rained in are very slim during this time frame, but June and September are also great candidates to have the highest number of sunny days. In order to make sure you get your accommodation, book it a couple of years in advance; this will also give you enough time to visit the property personally and solve any logistic issues.

Is a Wedding Planner Necessary?

Even if you are a natural-born organizer, planning a wedding abroad may be challenging. Most people would benefit from a Tuscan based wedding planner, at least to accomplish the prominent wedding duties such as paperwork, church or state house arrangements, florists, catering and the photographer. However, if your party is small in size, then you will probably be just fine without a wedding planner. Depending in the Tuscan villas you are renting, you may even find wedding services are catered with your rental for an extra fee.

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